Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1 Table down-3 to go

I sure seem to be slow lately. Doesnt take much to wear me out.
  I found this table on craigslist- they wanted 45.00 I offered 30.00 and he said ok.  I knew it would get painted and it had to have new knobs cause 3 of the ones on it were broken.

 48 x 36 was a nice size for the room I'm using it in.   I already had a side table, sofa table and kincaid cabinet , so a new coffee table was all I had to buy..  The other 3 are primed and slowly but surely I'm getting them painted also.

 I got lowes to mix Montery White , a BM Pottery Barn color for me in satin valspar.  For these pieces it was the perfect gray based white and I'm happy I choose it.

I sanded lightly and then sprayed on the primer and painted 2 coats.   Then I did a coat of clear minwax and I love how it gave it a soft smooth look and feel.

not decorated yet :)   but she looks good just sitting in the middle of the floor.
 I found the new knobs at lowes in the sale bin, 50 cents each.. sprayed them orb.

here she is in her original state.
1 more after... I would love to find a stencil for the flat sides and back section.   Not sure yet what kind, but something..  if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them..
Many Miles to go before I sleep..  giggle..
 I'm sure you noticed the sofa peeking out behind it. I'll take pics of that sometime over the weekend and tell you Its Story:)   This has sure been a odd decor journey for me and I have been so blessed to find things I loved.   I still need the carpenter to show up and do a few things so I can paint my entry wall and then get things on the wall..  Patience, Sonny, Patience:)   its all gonna happen and thank the good Lord, I wont have that one lone pumpkin sitting in the middle of the bare floor ..   I've avoided that nitemare:)

thanks for coming to take a looksee.. It means a lot having visit and comment as this process continues.
 I hope I get to take a break this weekend and make a few of those sweater pumpkins.  I have the old sweaters washed, stuffing and twine.. All I need is something to make the stems out of..
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 see Ya'll soon