Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Entryway

  My guests will be a day late so that gave me time to get another area of my home decorated- a little:)

 This room is only used as a pass thru to the rest of the home and mainly how one gets from the front door to the  family room/breakfast room/ kitchen area..  Which is, of course, the HUB and where All  rush too..     I think often of how much a Large Family would enjoy all these rooms and all this space but thats a topic for after the holidays, that maybe I can discuss and get some opinions about from my bloggy pals..

 As I said in a former post, my plants and pretty much other decor stays where it is and I just added holiday touches in small amounts.
  I hope you like it.

  Fresh greenery swag came from Whole Foods.  I love that place~!  The smells , the sounds the food and specialty selections.  That's one of my favorite places to browse and I always seem to meet up with folks I know, especially in the vitamin and herb section ..  I was even able to get myself a few fresh mangos.. YUM

  I used white and gray beaded picks, some sheer white ribbon and flocked pinecones. Nothing fancy and just enough to be attractive without going over the top.    This year, the quieter decor suits my needs.
  I also have a sofa table in this room and the newest Reindeer from Hobby Lobby sits on it with some fresh greens.     My daughter saw this while shopping with her pals and got it for me.  This one piece sorta set the tone for this room and I love it.
 I'm playing at My Front Porch to Yours- Pam's Party

Ivy and Elephants linky party 

 do go see all the great Holiday posts for many inspirational ideas , Plus- those folks will be so tickled to get a visit from you.  I know I sure am~!

 Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to come and visit me.  It wouldnt be nearly as much fun for me if I couldnt show it to Ya'll.
Christmas Blessings to ALL of you.