Saturday, November 28, 2015

Looking a Lil Like Christmas

 Hi Folks..

   Its been awhile but I have been so busy in the real world it only left time to visit some of ya'll.
  I bought a new rental home, folks have already moved in, yeaaaaaaa...  I got contact lenses and I am thrilled with them..  No longer a slave to hunting for my glasses .  Its an amazing thing, for sure.

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we sure did.   I was a good girl and didn't over eat:)

  This year I decided to put the tree up first, get it like I wanted it and then move on from there.

 I wanted to share at least one photo with ya'll..  I wanted a kinda, sorta Dickenish look this year and I am tickled with how things are coming along..   Now I will admit I spent several hours looking around at the Nell Hill site..   I know lots of others BORROW from her ideas too , so I'm sure she wont mind:)  

     Today I'll do the mantle,  coffee table and the tv cabinet.    Maybe, just Maybe I can get the whole great room done so I can move on to the bedrooms:)    I'll basically carry this same theme thru the whole house, or what of the house I plan to do..     I'll just avoid the restrooms as a post title "Christmas in the Lew"  just doesn't appeal to me , giggle.


      I'll be back with more  as soon as I get things done..

Thanks so much for stopping by.