Saturday, November 28, 2015

Looking a Lil Like Christmas

 Hi Folks..

   Its been awhile but I have been so busy in the real world it only left time to visit some of ya'll.
  I bought a new rental home, folks have already moved in, yeaaaaaaa...  I got contact lenses and I am thrilled with them..  No longer a slave to hunting for my glasses .  Its an amazing thing, for sure.

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we sure did.   I was a good girl and didn't over eat:)

  This year I decided to put the tree up first, get it like I wanted it and then move on from there.

 I wanted to share at least one photo with ya'll..  I wanted a kinda, sorta Dickenish look this year and I am tickled with how things are coming along..   Now I will admit I spent several hours looking around at the Nell Hill site..   I know lots of others BORROW from her ideas too , so I'm sure she wont mind:)  

     Today I'll do the mantle,  coffee table and the tv cabinet.    Maybe, just Maybe I can get the whole great room done so I can move on to the bedrooms:)    I'll basically carry this same theme thru the whole house, or what of the house I plan to do..     I'll just avoid the restrooms as a post title "Christmas in the Lew"  just doesn't appeal to me , giggle.


      I'll be back with more  as soon as I get things done..

Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Looks beautiful Sonny! I know you have asked me for my paint color in dining room, I promise I will get back to you soon, perhaps this week.

  2. Love your tree, Sonny! Great theme too!

  3. "Christmas in the Lew"... There is a whole room that most people don't seem to decorate. What about twinkle lights and garland? Tinsel from the shower curtain rod? So much potential but just wrong.

  4. It's beautiful, Sonny! Happy Holidays to you and your daughter.

  5. Congratulations on your new rental home and contact lenses. Your tree looks beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely home.

  6. I love the sneak peek of the tree....happy decorating...looking forward to all of your reveals!!!


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