Monday, July 18, 2011

Wanna SMILE?? C'mere and Lookie

I have my good and bad days.. Doc's say its hormonal or one of those other disorders folks have and want me to take pills... I am adverse to that idea and through the years I've had to come up with my own solutions for the down days...  on my cure list is--
  all I have to do is sit quiet and mentally make a list of all the good, joy and miraculous moments I've had throughout my life , and right away I start feeling better..   Making a grateful list is FREE and EASY to do and does'nt fill your body with chemicals..

DEEP BREATHING fresh air.. summer or winter- this works to lift my spirits.

 and then- there's this... PUPPY PICS - you gotta smile when you look at puppy pics. Right?
I hope these add a smile to your day~ they sure did to mine...
:: photos~ courtesy of aol news::

  Is this a sweetie or what..
"when I am worried and I cant sleep, I count my blessings instead of.....umm yea I know the song says sheep but I'd rather count PUPPIES:)
I used to breed Pomeranians and we never had a litter that there was'nt at least one pup that just HAD to use the rest of the litter as a headrest...  too cute and brings back great memories for me.
Cant ya just here the bigger one saying" I got ya pinned"  

ok, if it gets much cuter I wont be able to stand it..
Naptime.. now who doesnt feel better after a nap? I know I do..
Have I said lately how much I love ya'lls visits and how much I appreciate having you in my internet life? if not- I'm sayin it now and by golly I mean it too..
  Thanks for smiling along with me today...I feel better already:)