Monday, June 24, 2013

Cherry Dump Cake and Progress Report

Hi Ya'll   ~!

   Things have been busy here on Dream Lane, very busy..

 The new 15 light glass door with sidelights is in , thank goodness.  all the sheet rock and interior molding has been repaired -primed and painted.  

 The porch ceiling fan is up and spinning a warm breeze- its HOTTTTTTTTTT  here in NC and so dang humid its like breathing water.  fancy shmanchy new door lock and handle is on.  I never have had one like this so I grin when I look at it.:)

 The Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatha Stewart white wicker porch set arrived and the outdoor fabric came today so I'll be at the sewing machine for a week with all that cause I am sooooooooo slowwwwwwwwww..  I will say when I ordered this from Home Depot I had my doubts but its real MARTHA quality and even with the 5inch think back cushions on the seats are still deep enough to make my feet dangle about 3 inches from the floor..  It got great reviews and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a porch or patio set..    I choose a mid range olive green for all the cushions , still gotta choose pillow fabric..  OH YEA ~ has their outdoor fabrics on sale till the 28th of June.
  The table I bought and painted isnt going to work so the search is on for 2 smaller ones- for beside each chair.

  More to do around here and lots to put the finishing touches on before I can take pics.. maybe by next tuesday..
  here's a yummy recipe for ya's.  we loved it and hope you will too..
feel free to save or pin or whatever you'd like to do.

thanks for visiting me.. it means so much..

love and hugs and all good things~!

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