Monday, February 20, 2012

Poms get a LIONS Cut?

 Two of my Pom girls go in the morning and I'm going to let my groomer do them in the latest cut, a Lions Cut.
  I havent told them this is going to happen, so shhhhhhhhhhhhh..... dont say nuffin lol

 They actually are quite paticular about how they look. I have a mirror in the floor of the bathroom and they always look at themselves in it.  Yes, 4 ego girlies I have, each primping and quite sure Thier tail swiches sways and swaggers better than the other 3.. They dont actually speak but I can hear them anyway , arguing about who's the blondest...

 They are also getting their nails painted in different colors.. Purple for Buffy Marie-- Kelly Green for Sassy Bella--  Maroon for Greta Gizelle -- and Tangerine for Nadia Rochelle.   I mean didnt you know Nadia would have to have this years color.. 

 I'll do my best to get each ones photo seperately and together  to show off their new look for 2012..

 In the meantime here's a sample photo the groomer will be going by..  The only question left to answer is Bows or No Bows in the ears..  what do ya'll think it should be? 
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