Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Copy Cat Kitchen

 Well lets say its a rendition, versus a actual copy:)   Their's is super light and bright and mine doesnt even have a dang window lol..  But the nautical elements are there as are the apples- red stripe towel and napkins and ya'll can pretend there's clam chowder in my white ironstone tureen, right.. I know ya can , cause ya'll are good like that ...  LOL

Debbie Doos Copy Cat Party
The sample....
 I'll tell ya I was spittin nails mad this morning when my blue striped fabric for the bar stool copy did'nt arrive..
 I called and the guy reminded me this past monday, mail didnt run so the fabric would be a day or 2 behind.   sheesh, I should have ordered it sooner.   Oh well it'll make pretty pillows for somewhere I guess.

Laurie, Brenda and CeeKay all said kitchen....  wooohooooo..   good guessing Ladies
  I hope ya realize I buffed these apples for ya.. yes I did. Cause YOU are worth it.
I thought the red stripe towel would be easy to find. I see them all over blog land BUT noooooooooo,
 I could'nt find a single one. I took a piece of drop cloth I had left over- painters tape and painted my own stripe..     Ya'll ever notice some projects just dont go smooth, like you think they will  :-)

I had fun playing with this photo in psp.

alllllllllrighty, thats all for this time folks...
 I'm so happy you came to visit with me.
 I love having to here and I appreciate your time.
Now I need to get over to Deb's and see everyone else's CC.. I know it will all be Fabulous..