Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cajun Shrimp YUM

 I gave this recipe a try wednesday night and it was a big hit with us.  If you love shrimp, this ones for YOU.

I made a big bowl of southern  slaw to go with it.  Spicy shrimp and cool  coleslaw makes a delish supper.

We had some left over so I'll put those chilled on top of our fresh spinach salad for lunch today.

I 'll add the link so ya'll can see all the great photos--read her wonderful  tips for purchasing shrimp.
::aslo::~~I left OFF the sugar and added 1 packet of splenda.  We dont like our sauses sweet and prefer spicier.
 I also used my Red Pepper spice from walmart cause its easy to find and very spicey
Here's the link forall the photos and recipe..Enjoy ~!

Many thanks too:::

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