Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Corner Cabinet in her Spot

I made it ~!!  I know I'm late but I've said for 5 weeks I was going to participate with Kim at her
Boring to Better Party-- click HERE to go see~!   Thanks Kim for Hosting this party for us...

  I bought a cabinet for the final price of 45.00.. Why do I say final- because they started at 75.00 , then before I could get there to pic it up, they called and said someone had offered them 90.00 and they accpeted and sold it to Them--grrrrrr.. Those people never arrived to pay or pic it up. So 3 days later they call Me and say you can have it for the 75.00 we are moving today.. So I said I'd be there in 30 mins.. I arrived- it was in even worse shape that the photo indicates - I mean REALLY ROUGH  lol..  I offered them 45.00, they accepted and I brought her home..  The sanding , priming and painting began..   1st- an unwanted, unexpected and I DIDNT DO IT, crackle finish.... :: please visualize a wide eyed- tearing up- slighly blue from anger Sonny here::.. I would have fainted but reason took over and I remembered I was standing on the hard concrete garage floor..

  I took 2 days to get past it and I started again with the sanding.. Then 2 coats of primer- dried in a 80 degree garage for 2 days and then by gosh by golly I was gonna paint it and I did and when I went back 3 hours later-- yep you guessed it-- CRACKLE FINISH no. 2...  I wont tell ya'll what I said, but suffice it to say the
 Navy called and asked if I'd be interested in joining..Know what I mean:)

  Big tears this time and visions of this corner cabinet which I have long needed and wanted in my tiny breakfast area being Never There and being taken to the back storage building to hold Junk....

A week passed and I kept hearing my GrandPa's voice saying : "You havent FAILED until you QUIT and a quitter never accomplishes anything"

 I went back to Lowes and they didnt know what was wrong but they did offer me a quart of Binz primer for free--just in case something was wrong with the gallon I had purchased..    Then a man , waiting for his paint to be mixed says-- you need 123 sealer & primer for this job..  He took a few minutes to explain why and I said thanks and asked for that instead of the Binz and  home to begin...  sanding sanding  wiping down- you know the routine:)   then the primer -- next morning 2 coats of paint and Finally she was done.. There are still 3 or 4 small areas about the size of a 50 cent piece that crackled but I am calling her done anyway..

 I bet you thought I was never gonna get through yapping , didnt ya .. lol..

  I still havent decorated in here for Christmas but I wanted to show it anyway...  I'm tickled to have this piece.. She holds alot more STUFF than I thought she would and we are both happy .. I hope you like her too..
 This was after.. I had painted the wooden handles in the same soft black as the cabinet .. I added wallpaper to the insides and thought I was done.. But you know how it is , after a week I decided it needed Something..

 Of course that Something was knobs from Hobby Lobby.. 2.97 each - which I feel is a serious bargain compared to very plain ones at lowes for 4.00..

aww yea babe, now its Better:)
  Anything in the room is tough to get a good picture of for some reason.  Everyone who's been here to visit comments on how pretty she looks and what a wonderful addition it was to this small area..
Maybe by next week I can have her Christmas decor in and on her and she'll be even better than now..
  Thanks so much for coming to visit me ..
Happy Holidays to you and yours..