Monday, June 25, 2012

Window Boxes are Done

 I finally got my front window boxes planted.  They are made of real wood and I have to paint them each year.  I noticed this time both had splits in the sides so those had to be patched and extra screws put in first.

  I'm thinking I may take them off and start with all new next year.  I hate to loose them but maybe if I'm very careful I can save them for the back area to sit on the concrete.  Someone very special built them and so I dont want to toss them unless I absolutely have to..

 Why am I only showing 1.. cause my daughter had her fan in the window and that isnt pretty but the other looks about the same.:-)
 This is the flag I choose for this year.. With the Pineapple and apples it had sort of a Williamsburg look and I like that . Plus the leaf shape at the bottom was somewhat unique as most flags are just a square.
I found these 3 stones at a local craft shop and Loved them so home with me they came.  front porch tabletop..  This way I see them every time I drive in.  I found the dough bowl at goodwill for 1.00 and just stuck some greenery in it. 
 Now I'm off to Lowes to look for some porch paint.  Pretty sure I want a pale grey but once I get there I might change my mind..  Right now I have this sorta orangy tile and it hasnt ever made me really happy.
 Change is Good, right?

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