Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kitchen Cabinets ARE Being Painted

  After a long and frustrating wait,  the kitchen cabinets are at last being painted..

     I decided to go with navaho white and they added a smidge of black to make a very subtle grey undertone which no one else in the world will notice but me , lol..

    Most of you know how this process works so I wont go into the details.
 Clean- sand-prime-paint-wait-paint coat2-wait-topcoat-wait add knobs and pulls.

   We are at stage 4 on the above list, which means it looks like a big ole mess...
  Having been thru this process twice before in other homes I know not to panic because
the end result will bring me Joy.. A beautiful bright white cheerful kitchen at which I will
smile every time I look at it..
  This has been the main thing I missed from my former home and I admit, my heart cant get into this one till this task is done.
  Was it an ugly kitchen- NO.    Over sized upper cabs and all in a medium hickory tone.  or folks who love wood it would have been wonderful but for me.. not so much.
  This one area has actually held me mentally captive concerning decorating the rest of the house.

  I have a feeling when its done my mind with click into gear and I'll be able to decorate which will finally make it feel like home...

  I really wanted to recommend the painter to other folks in my area- but the jury is still out on that so I'll wait and give my review when I post the finished and decorated reveal.
  I like to help local workers in my area, if I can,BUT I have to be honest about the entire process so folks who might hire them will know Honestly what to expect.

 so here are some before and during photos.

 I'll go to lowes and pick out my new knobs and pulls tommorrow..

  I'll do a reveal next tuesday so watch for it at some of your favorite meme parties..

  and miles to go before I SMILE:-)

Ya'll come back to see me, ya hear..