Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oak to White Kitchen- Look Quick~!

 Now I know ya'll have seen lots of kitchens that have gone from the dreaded builders oak to Darling Dontcha Just Love It WHITE.   My kitchen isnt as fancy as many you've seen on the web and here in blogland, but let me assure you, you havent seen a kitchen more LOVED than mine- especially wearing her pretty white clothes.
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 Why do you need to look quick?   Because I'll be taking whats on the counters and cab tops OFF and putting up new stuff  plus the Holiday decor.. I'm giving myself Corbels for Christmas, moving the microwave to its new area in the pantry room as we rarely use it and I dont have a lot of counter top space. Which of course means that corner will have to have something special placed there.  Something lots prettier than the front of a microwave:) Plus, I have been dreaming of a few glass doors and how pretty that would be all lit up, especially since there's no window in my kitchen.    Then I'll have to show you my kitchen again and if I get real busy even the barstools will get new seats.. I think they deserve them after 5 years, dont you?

Well, I put off the inevitable as long as I can.  Now ya gotta look at the OAK pic.. I know- its bad, real bad.
  Whats even worse is, I actually thought I had the counter tops decorated.....what was I thinkin-- ok, I wasnt, thats the only answer possible.
  I thought if I put up a pretty backsplash and under counter lights it would change things and MAYBE I could learn to love it..
 Much better- but it was still oak and my heart just could'nt get happy.. 

I have no idea how this got damp but obviously it did cause it has a water mark on it..   I'm showing you this for a reason- just trust me,K..  Yes my lovlies, thats what I looked at for 3 years.
and now it looks like  THIS... I LOVE IT- I mean seriously LOVE IT.
Ya'll know the routine.. lightly sand- prime- 2 coats of paint- add new hardware..  I wont tell all that in detail cause the instructions are all over the internet. With detailed tutorials and step by step photos. I would like to say-  dont be intimidated by this project. Its messy- time consuming - and at best takes a full week before the kitchen is usable again but that just means you need to eat out and wont have to do dishes..  whats Bad about that?  NUFFIN  lol

Here we are with doors off and plastuc wrap on the counter- I told ya, the process isnt lovely BUT

then you get to this Part..  I smile every time I see it , morning - noon or night.  I for one would never have another kitchen that wasnt WHITE. thats just me..
 In the next few photos you'll see whats on the counter changes and then changes again..

I'm thinking the glass front doors might be nice here on this end.. what do you think?

  All the decor is off the counters now and I'm getting ready to give them a good cleaning and a coat of paste wax..  When next you see it- there will be Changes:)
 Might as well give you a look at how it LOOKED in the breakfast area too- since that set is gone and I have painted a new frenchie set for that area and added a new light fixture. All she needs is her seats covered and some wall decor and let the holiday scaping begin..

So much to do in so little time.. oh my- I see the old tv was in the family room where now sits a latge flat screen and a ginormous media center fireplace combo...  But we'll get to that room later..

  I hope you enjoyed seeing the oak to white and that you'll come back to see what changes Santa brings to Ms White Kitchen..

on 3,, everybody say- I Believe in Santa, I Believe in Santa, I Believe in Santa.
thanks:)  theres magic in those words.. 

 Love and Hugs and All good things to You and Yours.
  I'm taking a little break over Thanksgiving but I'll be around to see all your pretty decor and food..
Save a piece of of pie for me, pretty please.