Friday, September 4, 2015

Perfect Pasta ..Low Carb #1

 In February I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes..

  I chose to follow a low carb diet versus the all American diabetic diet and it was the best decision I ever made..

  On the barest minimum of medication I was able to lower my ac1 from 10.9 to 5.3 in 6 weeks and have maintained that since..:: sorry, those numbers will only make sense to diabetics::
 So if anyone tells you diabetes cant be controlled its only because they don't know how. As an added gift from God, as soon as my blood sugar numbers were in control , my blood pressure went from 240/170 to  a steady 120/80 without any medication. I am so grateful for what I feel is a miracle I participated in..I feel healthier and happier than I have in several years.
 I am adding the recipe and cooking instructions in a printable so you can use it as a recipe card.
wooooooooohoooooo  people.  only 4 carbs per serving.  regular pasta is 44 per 1/2 cup:(
 I got my pasta machine and my soy flour from amazon.. I checked different places and they were the cheapest...  This machine can be used for spaghetti- lasagna noodles or alfredo noodles.  I used it the other day on its thickest setting to roll out dumplings for my chicken stew..  Pasta and Dumplings- wow..  
You don't have to use a drying rack. The noodles can be layed on paper towels that have been lightly dusted with soy flour.
  Make sure to check the carb content of any bottled sause you use OR the carb content for your crushed tomatoes..   I don't use anything over 5 carbs per half cup.
 ENJOY~!  its so yummy and so much better for you.