Friday, August 17, 2012

Bar Stools ~ Comparison

 Let me begin by saying we sat once in 6 years, in the bar stools we had. So to say these are Just For Looks, would be a major understatement.   

  I was looking this morning at some to replace the others - just so that space wouldnt be completely empty, until such time as I decide if I want cabinets installed in that space.   Or maybe a cabinet on each end and the 2 bar stools inbetween.   I'll have to look through some kitchen design sites to figure this out..

 For now though- its bar stools.

 I went first to Pottery Barn- found ones that would work and wouldnt conflict with my slightly frenchie breakfast room set,,, havent shown ya'll that yet- but I will:)  They are a bit more than I wanted to pay , just for something to basically look at..  so I went to WayFair and low and behold , the same bar stools.
 oh my monitor the rush on the seats might be a bit lighter but a few flicks with a very dry brushing of stain would fix that, if it bothered me..

 Pottery Barn 129.00 - 18.00 shipping
 WayFair          49.00 - free shipping ::: Market Place is the same site..

Both had 5 star ratings from the customers who made purchases.
 I bet you can guess which ones I choose.. 
here they are side by side..  expected delivery 7 days.
AND they only weigh 8lbs each so when vacumming I can pick it up with one hand- vacumm - plop it back down..  yeaaaaaaaaaaaa 
 I dont know about ya'll but with my back I have to think about the weight of every item I have to move so I can do a proper cleaning every week. Its the little things I am finding more and more important or maybe I'm just getting Lazy and need to admit it..

 Thanks for stopping by to take a peek..  I'll let you know if I give them 5 stars once they're here.

Happy Friday