Tuesday, April 6, 2010

GIVEAWAY~Thank You Dreamers

 I want to sincerely thank you all for welcoming me and supporting me in my blog effort. As my PawPaw would say, "Ya'll are some fine Folks" and he certainly would have been right.. I met so many nice people who were willing to help me learn about Blog Land..  Many others who stopped by to see what I had posted and always left kind comments, which I truly appreciate..
  I work from home and since my nest is relatively empty, except for a few hours in the late evening, you all are who I spend most of my break time with.. I show you what I bought for a bargain, what I did with it and the dishes I'm playing with..  Usually its only a few minutes before one of you responds and early or later I look so forward to that, so THANK YOU , each and every one of you, THANK YOU..
 How to enter my Giveaway ~

All you need to do is ::

1st chance  ~ Leave a comment here.

 2nd chance ~  Become a New Follower or if you already are a follower, mention it in your comment. 
(the faster I get to 200 , the sooner I'll have another giveaway, giggle..)

  3rd chance ~~Post my Thank You Giveaway Tag on your sidebar..

For those outside the USA shipping area- the pillow will
be left Unstuffed~! but with a 4 inch opening so you could stuff and slip stitch it shut. Customs give items with stuffing a hard time, as I have learned from shipping my babies..

I couldnt get the code right for this to be clickable.
the one up top on my sidebar is though.
 ok- now dont panic when you see gift no. 2... I promise yours will be way better than mine lol. I used regular paint and made the pillow n stuffed it first. 2 no no's for doing stenciled anything lol..
 Winners name will be drawn and posted  Tuesday Morning,April 20th~ when I will probably also post to Marty's Tabletop Party...
 Can I say a big ole whoopin THANK YOU again, sure I can.

Have a Sonny Day and please come see me anytime. I love having you visit.