Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Talk about a WOOOHOOO Bargain

 Howdy Do Folks..
  Its always a joy to have you visit me..


I was up early this morning and since there was no one else awake to chat , I had to busy myself with something else.. What did I choose to do, you ask.. Clean, read an ebook, do a mock up plan for my yard,,, of course not~! I typed in craigslist to see what had gone up for sale during the few hours I was off the computer lol..
Let me back up a minute and tell you that about 18 months ago I bought a beautiful french secretary for 90.00..
 I know I know, unheard of, but I did .. it needed work, wait , let me make that WORK. it was badly scratched and one drawer was broke and the left top door had no glass but still for 90.00 a steal.. So I got it and sanded , stained and got her dang close to original.. Pattin myself on the back here cause it wasnt easy..
  I got it in the spot I wanted it but hadnt had time to decorate it yet and the 2nd wednesday night in the month arrived which means, so did my card group from American Express.. Love those girls~! they are all so much fun.. They all arrived on time and one of them was eyeing my secretary~!  half way through the evening she says out of the blue , I'll give ya 600.00 for that .. ummm, money is a fav of mine ya'll know, and talk about a whopping profit, so,  she paid me and we loaded it into her suv and that was that.. The next morning, I was grieving.. Where, when would I ever find another at a price I was willing to pay.. See, Sonny is so tight she squeeks when she walks lol.. Thats what everyone says anyway and I guess its true. I squeeze a dollar till it hollars and then  I tell it to hush... I have looked several times a week and found many 4 to 6  times higher than what I paid but none I was willing to spring for..
  Thats brings us back to early this morning:)  Pennsylvania House Secretary, 175.00.. ok now we're back in my price range, sorta.. I emailed, left my phone number and asked them to call.. Did I say it was in perfect condition and she still has the original paperwork for it....I offered 100.00 and she said OK.. I told her I needed it delivered and so thats 10.00 more:) For 110.00, this is what I got..


Dont ya'll run off now till you help me decide what to put on the back . I just cant handle muted gold..
I have some diamond fabric left in off white and black.  What do ya'll think about that?
If I stay focused maybe I can post it again, decorated by next wooohooo wednesday:)

 Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I'll be on early in the morning, if not before, to check out all the links ya posted at Marla's party.. many thanks to all who commented on my last post. it was so much fun reading what ya'll had to say.. Makes me grin to know you were here..

Hugs and happy Wednesday to ((ALL))

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thrifting Finds and Faux Window Instructions

Gosh, I was a bad bad blogger this week.. I sure have missed ya'll. 
I managed to stop in a visit some of you but not nearly as many as I wanted too.
We were having all the ceilings painted. Why we didnt do that when we had the walls done, I dunno.
I was surprised at hos it disrupted everything just to have the ceilings done. Took them 1 days to do 9 ceilings and me 6 days to get things back in order. I'm slower than I used to be ..
I'm participating in Marty's Party.. Make sure to go see all the creative talent that links to her.

I stopped in one of my favorite thrift stores this week and found a couple of soup bowls with handles that went well with my roosters and my new rugs. I was happy to pay the 2.00 each she was asking. After I got them home I thought I'd do a search to see if I could find two more. All it says on the bottom is Handpainted in Portugal. Not alot to go on but I tried anyway. I found some smaller, that I didnt really like the colors of as well and OMG , they were 36.00 each~!! There just has to be a place that has them more reasonable than that.. If anyone knows where I might find 2 more, please let me know.. Thanks:)
I'm posting a couple of shots of them that hopefully will give you a good enough visual..

 I posted my faux window about a month ago with the table my daughter and I were decorating. For those of you who have been here before, you know she won with her Zen style.. I've tweaked it a bit since then. Added a couple of new plants and my rooster plates:) yes indeedy I snuck those babies right back in , giggle..
I'm always amazed at how much I love my home when I see it in photos. This faux window was put in because due to exterior issues I couldnt have a window there. That was long before we gutted and made a new kitchen and opened the family room to the dining and kitchen. You can actually see it from the front door. I realize this set up would'nt suit everyone, but I truly love it. Can you tell I have an issue with enclosed spaces:)  This window , depending on where your standing, reflects all the other rooms. To me it feels like a Magic Window..
Between Naps On The Porch 
  I thought I'd take this opportunity to give you the method by which I made my faux window, 6 years ago.
 there are probably lots of ways to do this but since several requested the instructions, I'll post them..
I'll be posting this to Meta Monday, even though I dont have a before pic,  just imagine a large Blank beige wall and then Viola, a window:)
I'll quit jabberjawing now and get to the instructions..
I had a 6x7 space to cover. I bought 2 boxes of mirror squares at Home depot.
4 of the decorative squares for the edges and 3 pieces of the detail molding. and 1/2 inch thick shims.
I made a jig for my saw to the cut outs in the back of the shims but you dont have too. you can cut them individually. I attached the mirrors directly to the sheetrock-- you might want to put yours on plywood so it would be removable. I knew mine would be staying so I skipped that step.
 Glue the squares to the corners, then cut and put your frame molding in place.
 I'm sure you know the drill-- measure 5 times//cut once:)
I let the frame set up overnight and painted it- let dry before I added my grids.
As i said I made mine outside fitting and gluing it together. It can be done by cutting the long//across pieces and putting them in place first. Your mirror pieces are your guides for this. Then cut your short pieces and slip them in place. a tiny dot of glue top and bottom of each short piece will adhere them to the cross sections. let dry and Viola, your done..  oh yea- paint all those short pieces and the longer sections so you dont have to do any taping.   Its may not sound easy but it is and once you start these instructions will make perfect sense..

 Good luck-- have fun -- and enjoy your HUGE picture window that will cost you approx. 35.00 instead of 2000.00...  Now if that doesnt make ya smile , I dont know what will..

Happy Monday to you ((ALL))
Have I told ya lately how much you are cared for and appreciated, if not, I'm tellin ya now..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

 I had my celebration yesterday and it was wonderful..  I am so happy to have 2 happy, healthy children who have grown into great adults.  Motherhood isnt the easiest job but its rewarding in ways words cant explain..
   I've had several very Mothering women in my life for whom I am extremely grateful.. I can say without question that some of the greatest MOMs never gave birth.. They choose to Mother by virtue of their wide open hearts and gentle souls.. They shared wisdom freely and without judgement..  
 As I sit here looking out at this lovely spring day, I can see their faces, hear their laughter and remember the tears of joy that often feel from their eyes.. 
  So many times the most important, influential women in our lives dont get the acknowledgment they so richly deserve , so I would ask that you speak a few words to heaven for all the wonderful MOTHERING WOMEN of the World.. Those who gave birth and those who gave of THEMSELVES ...
  Happy Mothers Day , Ladies.....I hope you know how LOVED and APPRECIATED you are and if you dont, well, I'm telling you NOW...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Smocking~Ya Gotta see this

 I am not the best Sewist on the planet but every once in awhile someone comes up with such a great and seemingly easy tutorial, with detailed photos, that I just had to share.. Let me say now, smocking is one of my favorite things and I will probably be using this to make baby dresses , first since thats a small project..
 All the credit goes to the lady~Dorie~ who wrote this tutorial and I hope some of you can use it. Just too good not to share..  I see on the sidebar of her blog she has lots of other great tutorials, which i will be looking through when I get home this afternoon.. What a talented lady she is.. Is this bag too cute or what.

I'm linking to the Sunday's Favorite Party over at Chari's ~ http://happytodesign.blogspot.com/
Ya'll make sure to go there and see all the great links her other party folks have entered..


 Happy Sunday to all you fine folks~!!