Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gardens Galore

 I saved these off the BHG site.  They looked more like real gardens and outdoor sitting areas than some that you can tell are super staged just for looks.  I can imagine one of these at any of our homes being a place to relax, enjoy company, sip tea or whatever beverage you prefer .   I'd like to sit in several of them even in the colder months with a blanket - hot tea and a good book.  I don't limit my outside sitting to just the spring and summer.  Heck, I've been known to go out there and sit in the snow lol, or on a chilly fall nite and toast marsh mellows with the family and neighbors.   I am so happy to be in a neighborhood where we all sorta match in how we are amused, entertained and enjoy spending time. We even all like country music .. Gotta love folks who listen to country music , right?  Right:)

 do any of you sit outside in late fall and winter? or is it just me:)

 This is my favorite because it looks like my Nana's cabin thats 5 miles from Cherokee, NC. She even has an old iron pot . We used to use it to have chicken stews for everyone to enjoy from miles around. ahh the memories...:)

 Thanks for visiting me and I hope you enjoyed your time here..

 I'll be playing at these parties when they open about 7 on tuesday evening.
wow party here 

Sizzle Into Summer party HERE 
Till next time...