Friday, March 26, 2010

Bunny Tea for Two

I'm working on my easter dining table for next week. Till then I thought I'd add a bunny or 3 to mine and Tommy's afternoon tea.  I need to take a moment to say how grateful I am for a tolerant, fun loving husband.
  He's never once asked me why I need to play with displays or dishes or rearranging the home a gazillion times.
Maybe he appreciates the fact I do it on a serious budget..Still though , he just smiles and says how pretty everything is.  I am blessed and I just want to acknowledge that fact..

I'm joining in with Cindy at Show and Tell Friday. Click on her link to see all the lovely creations of other who have joined the party.  You'll love all the eye candy and creativity you'll find at their sites.

I'm also linking to The Vintage Easter Blog Hop on March 28th hosted by Joan at The Potting Shed - Anything Goes Here

I saw a basket with ribbon in one of the 100 advertisement sites that come through my email and just had to try it. Mine didnt turn out as pretty as theirs but its cute , so I'm happy. I found the small brown bunnies at the dollar store and couldnt reisist their cute faces. My pal Lori gave me a lap quilt for christmas, with purple and lavendar in it so I used it to cover the table. Thanks Lori~!
Lamp was a thrift store find for 2.00. Someone did great painting it and making that shade.
Theres a rooster under those donut holes that match the little plate , teacups and sausers .  Thats one of the perks of there only being the two of us. At goodwill or other thrift stores I find just a few pieces of what once ,must have been a whole set, but a few pieces are all we need and it keeps me from having to build on another room to store all those extra DISHES , lol....
Not sure we should eat those eggs.. I dotted them with a permanant felt tip marker- then boiled them in strong tea to get the color I wanted.  I didnt take photos of the mcdonald badgTommy brought in for our lunch:-)
I'm pretty sure everyone knows what that looks like.
These bunnies make me giggle. They were the perfect size to sit in that 50 cent basket from goodwill. I had the flowers in my stash so I only had to buy the roll of ribbon.  We always have a momma and baby bunnies in the backyard in late spring , but these will do until the real ones show up.I get such great joy out of watching the real bunnies hop across my yard and over to my neighbors. That's just proof about the little things in life bringing happiness.  I find as I get older it doesnt take as much to make me happy as it used to.
Bunnies, birdhouses and little rooster dishes, Oh My:)
Tommy and I had a wonderful chat at tea time as we looked out the patio door and discussed what we'd be doing in the backyard this year. We decided on 4 new trees and an azalea bed, on the patio door side of the house.  Lucky for me he loves digging, mulching and playing out in the yard. I have no doubt whatever he does will be a joy to behold and I will be very grateful all over again.
Thank you all so much for stopping in to see our tea time table. We love having you stop by for a visit.
Hopefully I'll get the Dining table done by tuesday. I wanted the light fixture changed by then but sometimes I cant get everything I want done, done:-)
 I want to wish everyone a magnificent Friday and a wonderful weekend.
 See ya Tuesday~!!!
Have a "Sonny" Day