Monday, January 16, 2012

Headboard Votes are in ~!

 What a morning lol..  I got several emails about folks not being able to comment.  I fixed that yesterday evening, I thought.  then I got more emails so I tried to fix it again AND remove the links added to my post. 
 Instead-I lost the whole Post and 1 more...   Cant find them, cant retrieve them..   Feeling very lucky I didnt delete my entire blog like I did 2 years ago ..   I cant tell you what a bad feeling that was.

At last count, before the post went poof:)  it was 27 for the curved headboard and 2 for the square and 2 for "either will look good"  giggle.. I'd say the CURVED won, wouldnt you?  Yes. 

 I'll start working on it today ..  Thanks for voting and for making some great suggestions.
 Ya'll are the BEST~!
 Next we'll have to have a Lamp vote lol..  Yep thats right. I'll be adding  several Lamp choices and would love to have your opinion as to which works best.. 
thanks again