Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Sweet Christmas Tree of Mine

 I have to admit to ya'll that I have a good reason for posting a little late.  I stopped by several of my favorite blogs and the tears started to fall so hard I could barely comment to them, much less get right enough to make a post of my own..

  These are happy tears so , all's well..  I want to tell you how very much you all mean to me. How much I am touched by your words, the ones in your posts and the ones in your comments to me.  I cherish them and I hold them especially close on days when I'm not so sure of myself or I am feeling down..I must be OK, to have all you as pals, even when I'm not sure I am..
  I live vicariously through many of you when you share your memories and those are such special times for me. You paint pictures with your words and like the annoying little kid in the neighborhood who's always tagging along, I'm there, just happy to be in your presence.  You write of your parents, children, and friends and I share them through your stories and memories.
  So thank you all so very very much for my blog family.. You mean more than I could ever tell you.
Christmas Tree Holiday Party at 2805

  My tree is always tough to photograph because it HAS to be out here in the family room with us:)  and there is stuff out here all year that cant be removed- like our desks and the tv and loveseats and sofa table and and and  lol...  We went RED this year with our favorite and state bird, the Cardinal.. They have a very special meaning for us and especially this year they just had to hold an honorable spot on our tree. like up at the tippy top and throughout.

I managed to find ribbon with poinsettas and birds..   I'm enjoying this look a lot as are all those who come to visit.
 Cardinals , twigs, sticks, and bird feed clusters are  tucked in all over the tree.. Our patio door is just to the right and it looks much the same outside .

 Thanks so much for visiting me and thank you to the hosts of all these wonderful parties we get to post on and share our homes and holiday creations.
Merry Christmas to All and God Bless Us , Every One...