Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Sweet Christmas Tree of Mine

 I have to admit to ya'll that I have a good reason for posting a little late.  I stopped by several of my favorite blogs and the tears started to fall so hard I could barely comment to them, much less get right enough to make a post of my own..

  These are happy tears so , all's well..  I want to tell you how very much you all mean to me. How much I am touched by your words, the ones in your posts and the ones in your comments to me.  I cherish them and I hold them especially close on days when I'm not so sure of myself or I am feeling down..I must be OK, to have all you as pals, even when I'm not sure I am..
  I live vicariously through many of you when you share your memories and those are such special times for me. You paint pictures with your words and like the annoying little kid in the neighborhood who's always tagging along, I'm there, just happy to be in your presence.  You write of your parents, children, and friends and I share them through your stories and memories.
  So thank you all so very very much for my blog family.. You mean more than I could ever tell you.
Christmas Tree Holiday Party at 2805

  My tree is always tough to photograph because it HAS to be out here in the family room with us:)  and there is stuff out here all year that cant be removed- like our desks and the tv and loveseats and sofa table and and and  lol...  We went RED this year with our favorite and state bird, the Cardinal.. They have a very special meaning for us and especially this year they just had to hold an honorable spot on our tree. like up at the tippy top and throughout.

I managed to find ribbon with poinsettas and birds..   I'm enjoying this look a lot as are all those who come to visit.
 Cardinals , twigs, sticks, and bird feed clusters are  tucked in all over the tree.. Our patio door is just to the right and it looks much the same outside .

 Thanks so much for visiting me and thank you to the hosts of all these wonderful parties we get to post on and share our homes and holiday creations.
Merry Christmas to All and God Bless Us , Every One...


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Love the natural elements and the red accents!
    Very nice!
    Miss Bloomers

  2. Wow, Sonny, I don't know what to say ~ your tree is just stunning! I love the red and your cardinal theme. I just love all your ornaments and the ribbon you used; with the white lights I'll bet it looks even more wonderful in person.

  3. Sonny- That is one of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen. I love it..especially the "frosted red" I see spotted here and there. You did a wonderful job. Now I don't DARE show my own tree!;>) xo Diana

  4. Merry Christmas to you! Your tree is stunningly beautiful! I am following you now and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful ideas. Your header photos are lovely. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Kristine

  5. Hi Sonny! Can I first say your opener was very heartfelt and I read word for word what you said. Very touching, and I feel the same way. I feel a bit of a whirlwind lately and not blogging like my norm, just posting and running around. Tis the season. Your tree is gorgeous. Love all the reds and glitz it looks gorgeous in your family room.

  6. Your beautiful words at the beginning are so sweet and thoughtful! Your tree is glorious; I adore red!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Party at Potpourri Friday!

  7. You truly did a wonderful job! I love how well you set your ornaments, ribbon and pics in place. Really pretty tree and I love red so it's a big winner for me! Cardinals are such a pretty bird and I always enjoy seeing them outside or inside!! Have a Merry Christmas! ~Liz

  8. Sonny what a beautiful post! Your sweet words were very touching and I feel the same way! Your tree is absolutely beautiful! Martina

  9. Your tree is absolutely stunning and has the absolute WOW factor going. You are very talented and hope you enjoy the holidays!

  10. Ah Sonny you mean the world to all of us too...especially me. Your always there when I need you and you never ever complain about all my troubles. Your the sweetheart!
    Now let me tell you something about your tree.
    Honestly that has got to be the most beautiful tree ever. WOW! I was thinking about maybe showing mine on my site but no can do now. lol
    Love your cardinal theme. Just gorgeous.
    Like you

  11. Sonny, this was such a sweet post! Now you know how I feel about you and everything that you do!! I leave inspired each time I stop by!! Your design style is just amazing; and this tree is no exception!! Just gorgeous!

  12. Sonny,
    your tree is gorgeous, red is my favorite and you have done an amazing job! Everything is perfet! Very sweet post, it's so rewarding the friends we make thru our blogs!

  13. How pretty Sonny! The cardinal was a favorite of my mom's, your tree brought back many memories to me!
    I so enjoy your blog too, you are one great decorator!!!

  14. This just may be the most beautiful tree I have seen yet! LOVE it! The shape and size of the tree are so pretty, and your decorating is fantastic. Found you at 2805 Christmas Tree party and now following.

  15. What a wonderful post! Tugging at my heartstrings......
    I love all the red you used on the tree. It is so, so very pretty.
    Hope you have a great weekend :o)

  16. Sonny your tree is absolutely beautiful! I love the red. You certainly could be a professional tree decorator IMOP. It's stunning!

  17. What a gorgeous and sophisticated Christmas tree, Sonny! I love the rich colors and beautiful accents!

  18. Hi Sonny! Oh, your tree is gorgeous! You really know how to decorate a tree!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Sonny, what a absolutely gorgeous tree you have created. I love the opening of you post, so sweet. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment on my foyer. I'm now your newest follower!
    Marianne :)

  20. Sonny,

    Your tree is simply beautiful!!! And I love the look of your new ribbon. Thank you for stopping by 21 Rosemary Lane and leaving your lovely comment.

    Merry Christmas to you and God Bless.

  21. Beautiful tree love your photos! Thanks for sharing,Joann

  22. Sonny,
    Your tree is gorgeous as well as the tablescape in the post below! You have great talent in your decorating. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to and especially love your visits!

  23. Just beautiful Sonny as everything you do..Hope you have a fun and great weekend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  24. I love your tree it is beautiful. Like you I am ever so grateful for the visit and comment you and all the other amazing guests make to my place. Take Care Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  25. Sonny, what a beautiful post and your tree is beautiful! I love all the red accents in your tree. I have a lot in mine as well. I'm so behind in posting but hopefully today I will get my tree posted.

    Enjoy your weekend Sonny,

  26. Good Saturday morning to you Sonny,
    So lovely to hear from you hon, as always! You just brighten up my day!! Good for you that you take the time to make a list of blessings, every day, that is wonderful, and I bet you are finding it is transforming your life!! It certainly has mine..............and that is why I love doing Thankful Thursday so is a good discipline, and many say a blessing to them as well.
    that is a 2 for 1 deal! lol

    That was a great incite from your friend Pam,
    and so true, because I know someone who fell off a ladder and broke her leg and she was having no problems with anything! So how much more likely if you are having difficulty, and the Lord does many things to protect us, and to protect us from ourselves I think!! Cause sometimes we truly are our own worst enemy!

    I once read an article about 911, and the small things that saved the lives of people,
    one missed the bus, another had new shoes on and got a blister and had to stop and get bandaids, one took his child to the first day
    of kindergarten, it was another persons day to get the donuts, and on it went.........when I
    get delayed now, I stop and wonder what might the Lord be protecting me from, rather than fuming over the
    Perspective is everything and can make such an
    incredible difference in our lives.

    So happy to hear your leg is doing better and that you are able to sleep. Very hard not being able to sleep, and I know too, from experience..........
    but thank the Lord you are getting better, keep those praises going..........He loves hearing them!!!

    Thanks for all your sweet and precious well wishes for me and my family this special Season, they were very touching and so very appreciated.

    My prayer for you is that you will have a Wonderfully, miraculous recovery with your leg, and that you will be full of the Joy of the Lord and experience Him this Christmas as never before.
    Merry Christmas Sweet Friend,
    Love you, Nellie

  27. Sonny...this is one of the prettiest trees I've ever seen....beautiful.

  28. Sonny, Your tree is gorgeous! I love the twigs and the use of red. I bet your tree looks magical at night :-)

  29. What a gorgeous tree! Simply beautiful!

    You have a beautiful blog and style and I am a new follower. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment!


  30. Hi Sonny! Your tree is gorgeous! You did such a beautiful job with your decorations! Merry Christmas!

  31. Wow, that was one-of-a-kind Christmas tree decorating! I love the dried pinecones and reds in your tree, that made it soo gorgeous especially when lighted on. Cheers to holiday!

    Anne Walker
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