Monday, March 15, 2010

Lori's Table Of Ireland~Simply Divine~!

I feel so honored to post Lori's table on my blog. She is a wonderful friend of mine who has supported me in my blogging experience since I first mentioned I'd like to try it... I was able to show you her bedroom transformation a couple of months ago and it got great reviews. She is a hard working lady with 2 jobs and a family, yet she still finds time to make her table special for herself and guests. She used the colors in the Irish flag and foods that are a true Irish meal. Simple, elegant and authentic.. Doesnt get better than that, does it..
Lori doesnt have a blog so that means I am so LUCKY to be able to present her creativity to you.
I hope you'll enjoy viewing it as much as I did...
 (((Lori))) you did good girl~! 
Many thanks to Susan for hosting the Meta Monday party @~be sure to go and see all the other talented folks who are also participating.. It tickles all of us bloggers to get visitors and comments,
and you will be sure to see some great eye candy and lots of terrific inspiration.
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  Cuisine Kathleen's St Patrick's Blog Crawl
Thank you Kathleen for hosting this St. Patty's day party.
Beautiful tulips, brown bread and irish stew..YUM . I sure wish I'd gotten to taste it. I can tell just by looking it was delicious... Love those placemats Lori used. I need to find out where she got those. I love those little bowls you used.. I believe I saw you say they were inherited from your dear mother in law, so of course that makes them extra special..
That book cover makes me want to book a trip to Ireland..
She found those amazing tulips at the grocery store. Only 8.00 for the bunch.. I want some ~!!
Cubed cheese and brown bread. I could easily make a meal out of that..  I like the napkins tied with bows, so sweet and homey looking.
Doesnt it look like you could sit right down and enjoy this meal.. It does to me and I hope someday I get a chance to visit her and do just that.. Thank you LORI for allowing me to post your pretty Irish table..
 I cant say it enough about how much I appreciate your visit and your comments.. Looks like it might not be alot longer till I'll be doing a Giveaway and I know for a fact I'm way more excited about it than the winner will be , giggle... only 25 folks to go and whoppie, it'll be time..
Happy Monday to ((ALL))
~ Sonny ~