Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Home Sneak Peek 2 inside

 Hi There ~!
  I should have posted this last week but I've been busy Purging and Packing.  Even though I have cleaned out before I seem to have items that give birth to other items when I'm not looking..  giggle:)

     Three loads to the dump.    Nine loads to donation.   21 posts on Freecycle for folks to come and get stuff..

 I have one more room to purge/ the pantry/ oui vey  ..   I better get it done cause the movers will be here saturday morning at 8 am..   Not sure how time slipped away from me but I have 48 hours to catch up with it.

  enough yapping from me... on with the pictures which I will try to describe as best I can since its empty..

 For those who didnt see sneak peek 1:)
  1697 sq. ft..  3 bedroom, 2 full baths, 2 car garage, bonus room, great room, privacy area, screened in porch, gas fireplace,  granite countertops, tumbled marble backsplash, stainless steel appliances, Cathedral and 9 t ceilings, hardwood , tile and carpet, security and sprinkler system, gated commmunity.
 That sounds like a real estate ad, lol..  
  Bedroom 1 -  has its own full bath, walk in closet.  Flooring will be changed to hardwood.
Bedroom 2- large closet for storage .. I'll make this my office and craft room... Flooring will be changed to hardwood.
Staircase to bonus room 18 x 30..   also door at top of stairs leads to a floored attic... I can even stand up straight in there.  Not sure after all this purging how much will ever get Stored, except for 8 containers of Christmas decor and the tree..  But its there and believe me I am going to do my best NOT to fill it up.  I never want to go thru this purging thing again... of course I forgot to take a picture while I was up there ... sheesh

great room  from the patio door side.. The light fixture is coming down.. I'll be using the area you see at the right of the photo for our banquette, which wont get built in till january..  
 I have a Favorite carpenter, so special built in areas will have to wait till he's available.
Waiting isn't easy for me but I know if he does it, things will be right the first time..
 He'll also do extra molding and add shelves to the niche .
Great room from the opposite direction... the room itself is 23x17

Yes those are Hickory cabinets you see in the kitchen.. Crappy photo I took- sorry.
  I'll leave them for awhile and see how I feel about it but I am fairly certain by spring, they'll be white...
Master Bath 1
Bath 2
Master Bedroom with walk in closet. I'm keeping my carpet...:)
Screened in porch 12x 12 and privacy area..  I was so glad this was already poured in concrete.I dont want any yard to deal with at all. I'll have some flowers where the pine needles are but thats it.
  I'll put my plants and ornamental trees in large pots . My own private wooded area lol..
This will be the place me and my pom girls spend a lot of our time.
I had a cable connection added inside the screened porch for tv and internet.. 
 I also ordered bamboo blinds in case I need some shade out there.
 I am looking forward to sitting here this coming spring and listening to the rain while being sheltered from it.
 Thats it for now and maybe for a couple weeks.  In case I dont get to visit ya'll much, have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.. I am wishing it for you.

  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my newest adventure... I do appreciate each and every one of YOU..

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 Big Southern Hugs

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Dream Lane Sneek Peek 1

 I gotta get to the doc's office this morning but I didnt want to leave till I posted a pic of our
" New Dream Lane.."

  I'll be back later with sneek peek 2..  :)  3   4    5    lol

 This is the color brick I have been dreaming of for 20 years.  woooohoooo hard to see but it has vinyl shake siding in areas too..   

 Hope ya like it..
 Happy Fall

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finished Projects Finally

  Hi Folks..

 No I didnt get Lost I just got super busy ..  God moves in mysterious ways and I try to follow even if I dont understand the why's of something.  I've found this works best for me and my life and I do have to say on the occasions when an angel tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear and I DIDNT listen, the outcome wasnt pleasant.  So trust me, I listen and follow along with complete assurance that I am doing the right thing and going the right way.
   WE ARE MOVING..   I'll post all about that when I have photos to show and stuff to tell:)
 While I've been busy looking at homes//27 of them to be exact~!!! Several of them I saw twice or thrice lol.. I also managed to get a couple of projects done here that I've procrastinated about far too long.

  The dining room in this home has no window , though it does get light from the rooms its open too.
 Still the back wall was too dark and needed something.. I added a skinny table, some decor and 2 lamps.. This is so much better to look at especially at night.. You might also notice I am out of my brown addiction and added a punch of blue .. we are lovin it..

 I think I showed Ya'll this secretary 2 years ago and wrote beside of it the different ideas I had to change it.
  as it arrived in the oh so beloved golden oak- NOT~!

I ended up keeping the top and bottom together. Painted it with  chalk paint and clear waxed.  I have no doubt in a short period of time it will DISTRESS itself as my painted furniture has a tendency to do:)
 it will be going with me to the new home though I am not certain what room it will be placed in.
 I also used some blue and white in here... I hope you like how it turned out, I sure do.

  I need to recover the chair seats and make a couple new pillows but that will have to wait a few weeks till I get packed and move.
  More on the moving-- with pics-- soon..
 Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I'll post more often soon I promise..

big southern hugs and happy FALL to ALL.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Southern Fall from the Past

 I am so lucky to have lots of new followers since I posted this fallscape, so I thought since I'm busy with demolition at my home I'd post these photos again.

    In the south we're still green in the fall so thats how I did this table setting.

 Hopefully I'll be back soon with new photos of the things we've changed around here..

  Happy Fall~!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Porch is Done for now - befores and afters

  I'm Slow , but most of ya'll know that already..

 The porch is done-- except for the new tile and that has to wait till it gets cooler cause Sonny cant handle extreme Heat:)

  I'm still thrilled with how it all turned out..

  I'll just put the LIST of things done here.

 boob light down- ceiling fan installed- check:)
 bulked up molding around front windows and shutters moved over-Check:)
 Martha  Stewart loveseat and 2 chairs - came with cushion inserts only-Check:)
 Made both a White and Green set of cushion covers- Check:)
 Made floral pillows- Check:)    bird pillow from lowes
 2 tables from goodwill-- painted valspar semi gloss white-Check:)
 Moved center column left 10 inches-Check:)
 Built and put up Cupola-Check:)
 installed carriage  door hardware on garage door-Check:)
 Built my own Front door with Sidelights and installed it-Check:)

 I'm TIRED~!!!! lol
 still to do..
 tile porch in smoke grey 18 inch tile
 paint shutters soft grey Valspar
 and to remind ya'll what I started with in mid June

House     Door area     Table from goodwill---  Before photos
I can't plant vines on the Trellis till Oct. when the rest of the landscaping happens but its up there..

The ceiling fan feels so good in the evenings when we go outside and it helps keep the sqeeeters away too.

 I am soooooooooooo in love with the front of my home now. I grin everytime I see it..
I hope you enjoyed seeing it cause I sure enjoyed showing it to ya..
 Come back often.  Theres more new stuff coming soon on the inside..  I've been busy:)
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hugs to all

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Kitchen Colors Peek

 Things are changing here at Dream Lane, and those words may win the understatement of the century:)

  As many of you know I wanted a new door with sidelights, thats how things started.. Once that was done, I was so thrilled with it, I started to think about bulking up the window molding too and with that half done I began to notice I needed a new porch floor..   Can ya see where this is going...?

  So today the carpenters come to add the molding to the windows and once thats all primed and painted , I'll paint the shutters their new color..

  Ya know how we decor diva's are, if the outside changes in style and color of course there must be changes inside too.   why? cause thats just how we are:)

     Ya'll will be proud of me though, cause I DID remember to take before pictures. Can ya believe it.. wow lol..

   Suffice it to say- beadboard in areas,,  new kitchen bar design,, backsplash tiles in greyish tones on the diagonal..  Oh Baby  I'm gonna have quite a mess but thats what it takes to get it where I want it.

  New drapes, pillows and decor will bring the  adjoining rooms:: dining-living and family room::  right along into the major decor party I am having here..

For now:: sorry this before pic is crappy:: I didnt take a new before shot cause I was too excited to get this one small wall done so I could see if Cottagy/ Nautical/Ecclectic was for me...  This glass front cabinet is whats actually to blame for the kitchen redo..  gotta blame something, right:):)

  As slow as I am there may be a hundred peeks of this and that before I can show the whole thing , inside and out.   The landscaper refuses to move plants and trees till the weather gets cooler so I cant get a full shot of the front till thats done- but Peeks, I can get for ya..

  I am so excited I'm about to POP and its a great feeling after many years of serious depression and anxiety. I hid that pretty well, didnt I..    I was able to convince everyone else I was SUNNY SONNY but that sure wasnt the truth..     Its wonderful to be healing day and day. I am Blessed and Very Grateful and I do appreciate ya'll sticking with me even when my postings have been sparce ..

  I'll try to get some good pics of the fabrics I choose in the next few days ..

  Ok I've babbled long enough...
Before - dark and dreary and not a happy look.
again- sorry for the crappy pic
and here is the Revised addition on that wall..   it makes me happy to walk towards the kitchen in the morning and inspires me to keep working till I get the entire home lighter and brighter and happier for myself and any one who visits here-- including Ya'll.

:: Thanks to Maryann my good friend in Maine for the sheep art print from their state fair in 2012::
ps-- the colors surrounding the photo gives you a clear idea of the tones I am using all over the house, inside and out:)

 thanks so much for visiting me.   It means alot and I love reading your comments.
Happy Sunday and Have a fabulous upcoming week.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sonny's Pina Colada Fruit Salad

Hi Folks ~!

Since most of us are dealing with some serious high temperatures I thought you might enjoy a cool dessert.

  I know there are lots of these fruit salads floating around in cyber space but ya gotta trust me here, this one is SuperDuperDelishioso..   and that means GOOD~!  
  Everytime I make it I have to send bowls of it home with folks for the next day or at least give them my recipe so I finally got around to fixing it so I could jut print them out and put them out on the bar..

   Get ready for your taste buds to send you a THANK YOU card:)  Its that lushilicious..

  The recipe says an hour to chill but I leave mine overnite and really let the flavors meld.. YUM

these are printable -- for clarity purposes I'd keep it to a 4x6 or 5x7  size .. 

 enjoy every yummy spoonful and then go back for more:)  nobodies watchin'

see ya soon and have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pretty Living Rooms

  I got an email from BHG and had to save and share a few of these pretty and colorful living rooms.
  I'm always looking for inspiration and I know many of ya'll are too.

    Its hot in NC and I cant handle being outside in it, so the rest of the porch is on hold for now. I usually get all antsy when I cant finish something but not this time.. I just found some projects inside where the cool air is..

 I hope you find something in these photos you like.

Party' where I'll playing below:)   come see all the great posts. I know you'll find something you'll love.

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  thanks for visiting me.. I appreciate your time and your comments and do my best to answer every one..
  Ya'll mean alot to me and I want you to know that.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Front Porch Sneak Peek and If YOU Featured Me

   Let me start this post by attempting to express my severe embarrassment:(:(    As many of you know I am no anxiety and depression medication.    Being in my late 50's and never having been a medication taking person-- this stuff is helping me alot in many ways but in others, its kicking my butt~!      I remember that in the last month or so- some blogs featured my posts.  I was Thrilled and I thanked them BUT  I cant remember who they were and if I saved their Featured Button, I cant find the folder I would have put it in  " see very shamey face here":(:(    so please forgive me- it always thrills me to be featured and I want so much to show off the blogs who did so.

  my email is right up top and it would mean so much if you could email me so I could come to your blog - get my feautured button and post it on my sidebar..  I dont take being recognized by ya'll lightly believe me..

  signed::  shamed and embarrassed Sonny


 now on to the sneak peek:)    in the short intervals between rain in the last 8 days I've been out on the front porch adding and taking away accessories , as well as trying to decide on pillow fabric.
  I found the teal n white bird pillow at lowes-- Love it~!  10.49 on sale-- wooohooooo

  Do ya like the floral I choose or is it too bold?   How about the colors?   It takes a little something to show up when your home is solid brick ..   Please leave an honest opinion in your comment..
  I appreciate your help and suggestions..

 Use this Fabric?
Use something more Subtle?
 Use solid or stripe instead?

What say You?
thanks for Visiting.. I appreciate it and you add lots of smiles to my days.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Whats a Gal to do if its Raining

Happy Sunday Folks..

   We're having our 5th day of Liquid Sunshine here in Welcome,NC..    I'm pretty sure all of NC has been having it and I heard on the news many areas around me are under flash flood watches.  Our former high total for July was 16.8 inches--  this year its 25.3  -- YIKES~!    The plants are thrilled and thriving but its tough on those of us who had LOTS of outdoor projects scheduled..

   Last post I showed you my new door..  I got the cupola base built and managed to get that up before the rain started again.   That dang roof was still wet and slippery so I'm glad thats done.

   The rest is on hold till drier weather.  I made my throw pillows and am waiting on my patio cushions to arrive..

 What this Gal did cause its raining, was look around on Craigslist and found a 48 inch round pedastal table with claw foot legs in excellent condition for $75.00   Delivered even.. Oh Baby, was I grinnin like a goon when it arrived.

  It was Beautiful as is but I wanted the pedestal and top skirt in white..  First coat of paint is drying.  Good thing I did it inside cause even the air in the garage feels damp.   
Hopefully I'll have it done and an after photo in time for Tuesdays parties..

   Here she was when she arrived..
Kathy at Creative Home Expressions is having a Party- hope to see ya there:):) 

  Thanks Bunches for stopping by to visit me...  Your comments make me smile..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sneek Peek-Front Door

Hi Folks..

::update to yesterdays post::  my family is fine..  Please keep praying for all those devastated by the az fire..

  Some of you may remember the mock ups I showed you of the front exterior of my home.

 Its slow going but I got my new door in and built my own sidelights.  To buy the door and have it installed would have been approx.  $3000.00, not to mention the noice and dust involved with cutting out brick and having to add a double header and ya'll know Sonny is too much of a penny pincher to spend that kind of money on one item:)  I mean sheesh I can do the whole exterior for less that that and as the weeks go on I'll prove it to ya.

  There will be lots of sneek peeks and then the final reveal..

here is the door I had- sorry the photo is blurry it was raining with I took this photo.  it actually looked better than this in real life- I think lol..
  I got out all my power tools and oiled them up..   Drew out my plans on paper and then one cut at a time and this is what I got...  There is still more molding to add- so it isnt totally finished but I did want to show you I was making progress..

   all my neighbors have been so sweet to come by and tell me how much they love it..
 I do too~!  It even makes my entry way and living room brighter and visually bigger.

  My pom girls are lovin' it too cause they can all sit and look outside. Gotta keep the pups happy , ya know.

  If it doesnt rain I just might get the cupola I built up on the garage roof.  Nana Diana and Marty- that was ya'lls suggestion from the mock ups and I'm going with it.

  Be sure to come back often as the changes will be many thru the next few weeks and months.

 It always fun when ya'll visit and I appreciate so much.

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