Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finished Projects Finally

  Hi Folks..

 No I didnt get Lost I just got super busy ..  God moves in mysterious ways and I try to follow even if I dont understand the why's of something.  I've found this works best for me and my life and I do have to say on the occasions when an angel tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear and I DIDNT listen, the outcome wasnt pleasant.  So trust me, I listen and follow along with complete assurance that I am doing the right thing and going the right way.
   WE ARE MOVING..   I'll post all about that when I have photos to show and stuff to tell:)
 While I've been busy looking at homes//27 of them to be exact~!!! Several of them I saw twice or thrice lol.. I also managed to get a couple of projects done here that I've procrastinated about far too long.

  The dining room in this home has no window , though it does get light from the rooms its open too.
 Still the back wall was too dark and needed something.. I added a skinny table, some decor and 2 lamps.. This is so much better to look at especially at night.. You might also notice I am out of my brown addiction and added a punch of blue .. we are lovin it..

 I think I showed Ya'll this secretary 2 years ago and wrote beside of it the different ideas I had to change it.
  as it arrived in the oh so beloved golden oak- NOT~!

I ended up keeping the top and bottom together. Painted it with  chalk paint and clear waxed.  I have no doubt in a short period of time it will DISTRESS itself as my painted furniture has a tendency to do:)
 it will be going with me to the new home though I am not certain what room it will be placed in.
 I also used some blue and white in here... I hope you like how it turned out, I sure do.

  I need to recover the chair seats and make a couple new pillows but that will have to wait a few weeks till I get packed and move.
  More on the moving-- with pics-- soon..
 Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I'll post more often soon I promise..

big southern hugs and happy FALL to ALL.


  1. By all means don't get rid of this piece -- it is wonderful. Moving? I am jealous.

  2. I love that secretary, Sonny! I could manage to fit a piece that size in here. It looks great painted. I have that same issue in our dining room and have put mirrors on our wall to help give us a little more light in that area. Looking forward to hearing more about your move.

  3. It is perfect and I love it! Having just survived a move I will give you my "words of wisdom" ~ keep track of little items that seem to disappear ie remote controls. I have a brand new blu-ray that is unusable because the movers lost the remote. Also, don't sweat anything. It's not worth raising your blood pressure or losing sleep. Everything will be chaotic for a while. Just go with the flow and stay calm. If you start to panic, email me and I will send you my cell number and talk you through it :-)

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. PS: Whenever I have ignored the angel tapping me on the shoulder I have made a mistake too. Just let your angel handle everything!
    Me Again

  5. Wow, moving - that's a biggie.

    I wish you every bit of luck with all of that.

    Your changes look wonderful.

  6. Hi Sonny! Oh, my! Moving! Well, I always think it's exciting to move and start another chapter in life! Now I love that little secretary and don't get rid of it! Or, you can send it to me! :) Take it easy and I know the Lord will direct your path and your angel will hold your hand! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. You are MOVING? WHAT? lol I can't wait to hear what you are up to. Did you sell your house or is it rented? I can't remember-duh!

    Anyway, I love your secretary that you painted.....just love it- xo Diana

  8. Oh, I love it! You are so lucky!! And you have been busy! I imagine it's only going to get worse with the holidays!


  9. Sonny,
    What an exciting time for you! I am wishing you well as you look for your next home and transition away from your existing one. New adventures! Congratulations, sweet lady!

  10. What? No more 155 Dream Lane??? I hate moving but have done enough of that in my lifetime (25 moves). My little house is comfy cozy with the final big renovation done to the half bath and kitchen floors just in time to sit still for the winter. Now I'm off to find me a secretary desk like your beautiful one and I know just where I will put it.

    Keep us posted as your search continues and when you arrive at our destination of choice. Love you!

  11. Oh my goodness, you are moving and you just got the house fixed up so beautifully. Oh well, on to bigger and better projects and adventures. Hope you found or find the perfect home. I do love that secreatary and I like the two pieces together. Can't wait to hear all about the move. Hugs, Marty

  12. Oh my did your work pay off. It looks glorious!

    Have a lovely fall week!


  13. I love the secretary! Amazing how much a piece is changed with a paint color. That looks beautiful. laurie

  14. Oh Sonny I have been praying that you would post again and let us know how you are.
    A move wow can't wait to hear more about it. I do hope its close to where I live. Lol
    Your piece is lovely. I always love how your pieces turn out
    Live ya


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