Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Enjoying Last Spring

 Like so many of you I am trying to be patient and wait for SPRING.. Warmer some days than others here in NC, so hope springs eternal lol..
 I thought I'd post of few photos of my back patio area.  It brings back happy memories and increases my hopes of having another beautiful spring here..
 So now , just close your eyes and pretend your here with me.. I'll be serving sweet tea shortly:)

Put your feet up and relax.. theres a citronella candle on the opposite corner so none of those evil skeeters will be biting you..
I love crepe myrtle trees.  I have 7 of them in the front and back yard.. Lavendar, pink and 1 new  red one planted last year..  They are such a showy plant and I appreciate their beauty..
We love sitting outside in the evening and watching all the birds come in to nest for the night.. After dark, they are quiet and the cricket symphony begins..  Nature is so amazing and such a joy..

Thanks for stopping in to visit.. The door is always open and you are welcome anytime..
~ Sonny ~