Thursday, August 23, 2012

One more Living room Sample

 I bet ya'll are getting so tired of me concerning this room and I havent even done anything yet..
  I keep having this nitemare about my rooms being empty with a small solitary table in the middle of each room with a lone pumpkin on each as a decoration.  Needless to say that nitemare wakes me up in a cold sweat   rolf....

  seriously, I am making a tiny bit of progress. For instance, the tables tones have been decided.
 white on the bottom with light touches of dark wax and walnut tops..    So I am in the process of painting a few pieces, then when I get them inside, I'll do the tops.

 did I mention that Lone Pumpkin sitting on the FLOOR in each room.. YIKES, this could take me awhile.

 I really really LOVE these pillows and the basket on the wall.. LOVE so I am on a hunt for as close as possible to this fabric.   Daughter loves it too, so thats always a plus.   dont like the ottoman they used so thats NOT gonna happen..   no iron lamps either.
 I do LOVE the uncovered windows~! yes I know its a french door- but I just have a double window .. I will bulk up the moldings some and hopefully that'll get me the Look/Feel I'm going for.
Thanks for sticking with me through this process.  I promise not to do this to ya'll again when we get to the dining room and family room.  Those 2 were easier for me to decide on the Decor and fabrics.   I'm not sure why I am having Decor Block in the living room..

 If you have any suggestions, tips or tricks I am more than willing to hear them.. Your decor wisdom is always appreciated.
 PS~  the rush seat bar stools arrived-- they didnt look good in my home.  I am going to need stools with backs so those are being returned and the hunt is on for Bar Stools that will work..

I appreciate your visit.  It means a lot to me.