Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moods of Christmas Past

 Of course I had many Christmas's before the 2 I will show you here but I wasnt blogging and taking photos.
As I looked back through these 2 folders I noticed how very different they were. I definately follow my MOOD when decorating for the holidays- do you??  Does your mood effect the theme you choose or do you just have 
Christmas decor you use every year as a tradition?   
I tend to choose a theme every year but noo I cant tell what this one will be yet:)  Then you wouldnt be surprised.
So, come with me as I look over Christmas Past..
 Lets start with 2009~ Red ,Plaid, Bears and Fun ruled thats year. I decorated the Family room, Living room, Kitchen and Dining.  Almost childlike, definately an exuberant festive holiday mood and it was definately reflected in the decor.. I hadnt displayed bears at Christmas for many many years. I found myself very drawn to them when I was shopping that year.
I even let ya'll see things while I was making Christmas sause for our 3 large pans of lasagna.
 We keep a pan and freeze a lot of it and the other 2 pans we give away to friends.
Now lets move on to Christmas 2010
wow- talk about a mood change ..
I knew in september of that year there was something in the air. I couldnt put my finger on it but change was on the way and I wasnt feeling too happy about it. I wanted everything clean , quiet and subdued.
I didnt want to say yes to any parties or visit with friends. I just wanted to stay HOME and be as peaceful as possible- and so I did and my holiday decor definatly reflected those feelings.
let's look.
Pretty but such a quiet tree. 
I even went to far as to cover the balls with sweater fabric:)  was this so if one fell off it wouldnt make any Noise??  
I'm sure you can clearly see the difference not just in the items used but in the FEEL of them.
Sure enough in late January- we were almost forced to move from our beloved home for business reasons.
In june we recieved a Miracle career opportunity and were able to stay HOME.
So this for sure must be a very special year and the decor must reflect that. I havent set a theme in stone but I will have to pretty soon.
I hope you'll come back to see what I choose and I hope you'll like it.
Do you all go back through your photos and look at Your Christmas Past?
Thanks so much for visiting me. I love having you here..
Love and Hugs and All Good Things to You and Yours