Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moods of Christmas Past

 Of course I had many Christmas's before the 2 I will show you here but I wasnt blogging and taking photos.
As I looked back through these 2 folders I noticed how very different they were. I definately follow my MOOD when decorating for the holidays- do you??  Does your mood effect the theme you choose or do you just have 
Christmas decor you use every year as a tradition?   
I tend to choose a theme every year but noo I cant tell what this one will be yet:)  Then you wouldnt be surprised.
So, come with me as I look over Christmas Past..
 Lets start with 2009~ Red ,Plaid, Bears and Fun ruled thats year. I decorated the Family room, Living room, Kitchen and Dining.  Almost childlike, definately an exuberant festive holiday mood and it was definately reflected in the decor.. I hadnt displayed bears at Christmas for many many years. I found myself very drawn to them when I was shopping that year.
I even let ya'll see things while I was making Christmas sause for our 3 large pans of lasagna.
 We keep a pan and freeze a lot of it and the other 2 pans we give away to friends.
Now lets move on to Christmas 2010
wow- talk about a mood change ..
I knew in september of that year there was something in the air. I couldnt put my finger on it but change was on the way and I wasnt feeling too happy about it. I wanted everything clean , quiet and subdued.
I didnt want to say yes to any parties or visit with friends. I just wanted to stay HOME and be as peaceful as possible- and so I did and my holiday decor definatly reflected those feelings.
let's look.
Pretty but such a quiet tree. 
I even went to far as to cover the balls with sweater fabric:)  was this so if one fell off it wouldnt make any Noise??  
I'm sure you can clearly see the difference not just in the items used but in the FEEL of them.
Sure enough in late January- we were almost forced to move from our beloved home for business reasons.
In june we recieved a Miracle career opportunity and were able to stay HOME.
So this for sure must be a very special year and the decor must reflect that. I havent set a theme in stone but I will have to pretty soon.
I hope you'll come back to see what I choose and I hope you'll like it.
Do you all go back through your photos and look at Your Christmas Past?
Thanks so much for visiting me. I love having you here..
Love and Hugs and All Good Things to You and Yours


  1. They are both beautiful, Sonny! I love the garland on your fireplace and the way you did the light in the kitchen. I have no idea what I'm doing yet, especially being in the new place. I am sure I have enough decorations, it will just be a matter of where I put things. I think I use a lot of color every year. It will probably work even better in the new place because it is more neutral.

  2. I love looking at other peoples Christmas decorations but I just don't decorate for us. If I could, I would hire someone to come here and decorate and then take down the decorations but it hasn't been in my motivation to go to the trouble since my kids left home. I saw a horrible memory last week at a flea market. They had an aluminum tree for sale. Remember those awful things?

  3. Love the Christmas decor, it is so pretty.

    As for me, well it depends on my mood also. Now when my husband was still in the military, everytime he was deployed over the holidays I would do a patriotic theme tree.

    Have a great week.

  4. Oh boy you had some gorgeous trees. I really loved last years. So inspiring, and it is so getting me in the mood!

  5. hi Sonny! Oh, what love Christmas decorating! I love your style and those trees are so beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Hi Sonny! Thank you for showing your kitchen counter, they are beautiful, I so can't wait!!!
    I love how you have the light fixture decorated and I really like the "quiet" tree!
    I have the drum shade to from Walmart and got it for $9.99! I'm going to show my husband now the picture of the counter:)


  7. Morning Sonny,
    Well, I loved all your Christmas decor, it was all beautiful. I have to say my least fav thing to decorate is the tree for some reason, love, love,
    love doing all the other decorating, so don't know what it is, maybe it is because I have been doing it my whole Who knows, and who really cares!! lol

    Both your trees were stunning, and can't wait to see what you do this year, always enjoy seeing what you are up to over there. It's always something pretty that is for sure.

    You have a great day hon,
    Love and blessings,

  8. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with for this year's Christmas decor!!!!

  9. Even more perfect was the snow we had last Christmas to go with that peaceful, subdued mood. I tend to go w/ red & plaid around my Santa tree, but also have a more green, brown, cream tree also. Can't wait. I could just skip Thanksgiving at this point...except for the food!

  10. I am sooo glad i added you to my blog list or i would have missed this. i love your decorating style. the trees are beautiful!!! I can't wait to see what you choose for this year. each of my trees has a theme. this little problem i have started MANY years ago.i collect things, teddy bears, fairies, you name it. well, i got tired of dusting this stuff all the time and decided to just pull them out once a year and decorate my trees with it, and my theme tree addiction was born. i was up to 9 trees at once (as i said i have a serious problem LOL) i am doing 4 trees this year ( my family formed alittle group TTA- THEME TREES ANONYMOUS ) yes it was an intervention... so 4 trees it is this year for me.. i can't go cold trukey. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by -- I love your blog and am now following.

    I am going to go back through your posts -- you painted fabric chairs? Hmmm...

    Wonder if you could paint vinyl or naugahyde or whatever they call that stuff.

    BTW I loved your Christmas decor. I have two huge trunks of Teddy bears in the attic, and I used to put them on the stairs. I might have to do that again this year.


  12. Sonny, I just enjoyed seeing all of these beautiful images! Each one is absolutely gorgeous! It is truly amazing to see how your decor has changed from year to year! I can't wait to see what you have in store for this year! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Sonny, beautiful Christmas pictures but your mantel in 2009 was gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you come up with this year.

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to Christmas of 2011.

  14. Hi Sonny...

    I'm sooo ready to start decorating for Christmas! I always begin to get excited about this time of the year...for Christmas! But...I will wait till after Thanksgiving. Hehe!

    Well dear friend, I really enjoyed looking through a few of your photos of Christmas past! I think that the decor for both 2009 and 2010 was absolutely gorgeous! I love the soft, creamy whites and neutrals that you used last year but I have to tell you...the red just tickles my fancy! Hehe! I also thought it was great fun to use the Christmas bears! I soooo remember your beautiful buffet in 2009...with the white bunny! In fact, I have that very photo in my "inspiration" file. I just loved that you used the little bunny! Thank you so much for sharing your past Christmas' with us today! Sure gets me in the mood! Can't wait to see what you have up your "design sleeve" for this year! I know that it will be fabulous!!!

    I just read the sweet note that you left on my Thanksgiving table, my friend! Thank you so much for coming by and leaving such a sweet note! I sooo enjoyed your visit!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  15. Hi Sonny, Here I am I did it! The trees are beautiful! Definitely the hand of an artist!

    What do you think this years theme will be? Thankfulness? Gratitude? Peace? Security?

    I always love to see the results of your creativity!

    Hugs and love, LOS

  16. Sonny, two years ago for our 30th Christmas I made a book from Shutterfly of 30 years of Christmas memories. Talk about going through the photos. It was so fun to see the kids grow up and grandkids join in the fun! Good luck with designing this year's theme. I am pretty much the same from year to year (makes blogging a little harder!)

  17. Sonny, love you post of Christmas past and love your whole site, I am so impressed with you design and talents. I am already a follow of yours.

  18. Sonny,
    many thanks for stopping by and for your nice and kind words.
    I'm so glad I returned the visit, your blog is filled with very inspiring pictures of gorgeous interiors.
    These Christmas decorations are wonderful! A true feast for the eyes.
    Best wishes,

  19. Beautiful Sonny! Can't wait to see this years! Martina

  20. Hi Sonny,
    I am back to check out your blog, I am still completely enamored with your painted fabric living room chairs. I am still considering painting my wingback chair fabric. They are almost as ugly as yours were. Can I really do it, will they look okay or will I destroy them, those questions are still going through my mind.
    Anyways, back to today. I love that you showed us your past Christmas decor, interesting the change in your moods and how it was reflected in your decor.
    I don't use everything every year and it always looks different from one year to the next. I am thinking a really calm red and white with a bit of gold scheme this year. Not quite as calm and quiet as yours last year, but a lot calmer than I usually do.
    I enjoyed this post.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Oh, my! Your trees are amazing as well as all of your decorations!!! I am soooo ready to start in on mine!!

  22. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your great post.Thanks for visting me JoAnn

  23. Each style is beautiful, Sonny. I think that this year I am up for calmer, quieter styling! Oh, I make lasagna, too. Only, I give it to my married kids - it's a tradition! Linda

  24. Your trees are gorgeous. It's always fun to look over our past projects and see the changes. The mantel is lovely. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  25. HI Sonny! I love bOTH versions of Christmas decor! The white one is so elegant and the plaid is such FUN! Loved the picture of you kitchen!!! To answer, I do about the same thing every year because I have invested SO MUCH $$$$$ In collecting Santas etc. that I have to use them. But, I LOOOOOOVE them all so it is not hard. This year I plan to MOVE things around somewhat, so some things will be a little differnt. I also am adding a tree to our room and maybe the guest room!!! Can't wait to see what you have planned! XO, Pinky


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