Monday, August 23, 2010

Just a little Box

I dont know about ya'll but I have little stuff I need in the kitchen. twist ties- paper clips- rubber bands- tooth picks to poke a cake and check it.. That kinda of thing.. They'd get lost in the regular cabinet drawers so that was'nt working for me.  I went to goodwill and found this tiny chest of drawers and though-- YES, thats exactly what I need.. Its already a good color and it has little birds tole painted on the side and that scrolly stuff on the front- yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , I got it..  Came home and put my tiny things in it and smiled:)  till I went around the bar ,,rut row  the back is plain.  I cant look at a plain box back every time I come in the side door.. no no that wont work....

 I'm linking up to Susan's  and Marty's Party.. please go there and see all the beautiful and creative things folks have posted. you'll have hours of enjoyment and you just might find something you'd like to try doing in your own home..   I want to say THANK YOU to all of those posters for the great ideas-- tutorials-- and beauty they freely share every week.. I may not have the extra time to stop and make a comment but I do come look and admire ....

Thanks you Susan for hosting....~~ Between Naps On The Porch


Table Top Tuesday...hosted by Marty over at A Stroll Thru Life.

 heres the front- cute lil thang , aint she:)
so the wheels started turning.. Maybe I could put a plant behind it-- umm nah, got a plant on the other side..
 a plate maybe?? nah, already using lots of display plates... Its gonna have to be something thats not in the way..  and then the little bitty -  very low wattage light bulb in my brain came on.. trust me-- very low wattage lol... I had gotten a wallpaper and border book at GW a month or so before , not knowing what I was going to do with such small samples but I wanted it so for 1.00 I said heck, go ahead and get it- and I did..
 Looked through it and there was this adorable reed checked paper with a border to match.. and now this is what I see when I come in the entry door...  dontcha love it? I do:)
  Thanks for stopping in to visit me. I always love seeing your smiling faces.
Hugs and Happy Monday to ya's..
~ Sonny ~