Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sittin on my Roo:)

Yep I sure am sittin on my Roo stools today, heheheheh.. There are 3 of them so ya'll come join me.

Joining Susan for Meta Monday..

 Why with all I have to do to get ready to put out the holiday decor , I decided to recoved my barstools is a dang good question, but after 6 years of not liking these seats, at 5 am I did it.
 I got this roo fabric years ago and its been in my stash . Out it came and with my cobra staple gun fully loaded the kerplunk kerplunk kerplunk began and in less than an hour they were DONE..  Why why why do I procrastinate so long about doing simple tasks??  Wish I knew the answer..

Here is the original fabric::it was ok but not what I wanted.. As those of you who have been here recently know I have a black and white theme going on in the kitchen now.    So this just wouldnt do.

and now they look like THIS::
much better, dont ya think?  plus they go well with the new black and white bamboo placemats  on the bar and the roo lamp and shade I showed the other day.. but if you missed the lamp- here it is again:)
I've made a few other changes too but I havent taken photos yet of those... Maybe tomorrow if I get my chores done this afternoon...
Happy Saturday to Ya'll and thanks for visiting me..  I love having you in my home.