Sunday, January 19, 2014

Making Choices

   Hi Folks,,

 I know its been awhile but moving after 15 years and downsizing a little has taken more time, thought and decision making than I anticipated.

  Before I show the new items I've chosen , I would like to thank those of you who wrote and asked about how I was doing.. 
As many of you know depression and anxiety is difficult to treat, several medications usually have to be tried in different dose levels before arriving at the proper med in the proper dose....  Then MOVING and the stress it causes all by itself came along and sent me into a bit of a spin.  But I feel leveled out now and realize I'll have my better and not so better days or hours.   I feel very blessed to be one of the people who has responded to meds and therapy , as many with my same illness die of it and are never able to find Contentment or Happiness, again..  I pray for them daily now, since I am aware of the pain they are in..
  Its like the saying goes- you have to walk in those Mocassins to understand.
    The move went well and quickly.   My prior home is leased out now and that makes life in my new home even better.   Knowing she is in appreciative loving hands brings a smile to my face.
  I have absolutely made the choice that I WONT buy anything I dont truly LOVE.
 so now on to the fun stuff,  "a few" of the furniture choices- so far anyway.. More to come over the next week or so and a few I may need your opinions on too, so dont change that dial lol.

::::: These are all internet photos- so they look way different in color due to each sites lighting and photo skills lol.
 its all white , sand or grey beige...  Of course when photographed in my home they will look different then too...:::::

 The liiving room area is 25x19 ..  I think thats right:) close anyway.

PB Pierce sofa-- delivery due date-- 1/27/2014
  This was my favorite because I CANT tolerate sofa's with skirts lol.  I also cant struggle with slipcovers.   I plan to spray it with scotchgard and hope for the best..
  Can ya  go wrong with a white sofa?  Maybe, Maybe not- we shall see.
   2 channel back chairs, Christopher Knight collection.  They are very well made and quite comfortable. Do ya'll remember Chris from the Brady bunch?   Cant believe he's over 50 now- wow, where does the time go.
 its a grey beige tone- very neutral.
1 chair and ottoman  Portfolio Mira- it got super good reviews so I'll give it a try and i its not right, back it goes.
  Guest room bed and nitestands::
  Thats all for now...   I'll be back with more kitchen dining things in a few days..

Thanks for visiting and I appreciate so many of you sticking with me during my silent time..
Big Southern Hugs

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