Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do I love PEARS? and Upcoming Posts

   I want to start this post with some Sincere and Heartfelt  thank you's..
  I want to thank all of you who came to see my painted chairs and left such wonderful and encouraging comments..  This is the sort of experience that makes me Braver and gives me the courage to jump in and try other new things....  I want to thank all my new followers- I am humbled you choose to join me here and I hope to always amuse, inspire and just bring a smile with my posts so you'll be glad you joined..
  I must give a HUGE thank you to Kim of Savvy Southern Style for featuring my post and bringing so many folks to visit me..  Thank you Kim~!
 now I'll get on with our regularly scheduled program.. ~  big smiles ~
Yes I do love Pears..  I am drawn to them in items, photos, art, the produce section of the grocery, the faux fruit isle of any store, in preserves and on my kitchen counter..  I admit it , I have a Pear fetish..  oh my goodness, I feel so much better now that I've admitted that..and Green- can you tell I love green too.
 I actually wasnt aware how much of it I had sitting out in the kitchen.. better go ahead and say BYE to that too.. giggle.  Dang good thing I have a storage room close to the kitchen:) 

 I hope to see ya'll tommorrow night for Marty's Party at A Stroll Thru Life , with a little tea scape..

  I wanted to get a few shots of my pears before it was time to put them away and begin my holiday decor here on Dream Lane.  I am not sad to see them and all my apple green tones go for a while as even I need a break from them..

 I plan to show off my kitchen on this weeks WOW with Kim so come visit me and I'll show ya'll what its like to go from oak to white..
  But for now- lets wave bye bye to my sweet Pears..

off to their container and the storage room they go....

  Thanks so much for visiting me and do come back soon. I love having you in my home, though we are miles apart... 
 See Ya soon .
Love~ Hugs~ and all good things to You an Yours~!