Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Cup ~I'm a Copy Cat

  A couple years ago I was at one of my favorite bloggers site, Polly -Make Mine Beautiful blog.  I admire her style and creativity more than I can say.  Of course you'll see that in a moment because I copied Her..  In her post she wrote of having seen a similar item in a magazine but I cant remember which one and I'm not sure she told but it stuck in her mind and so she made her version of it and now I made my Holiday version of hers.
  Did ya get all that?? lol   I havent seen her post for awhile and the last I heard she was busy moving. I sure wish she was here so I could thank her so much for Always being such a creative inspiration and most especially this time..  This is my version of a decorated cup. The fork holding the card..
Here is the one Polly made for her fall table a couple years ago, I loved it and have hoped to give it a try and now I have.

  I hope I have done Polly proud and I want to thank her one more time..
Thanks so much for coming to visit and see my holiday copy cat..
Many thanks to deb for having this party so we could show off our creations.
Here's the link to Deb's party.. Please go visit her and see all the beautiful holiday posts folks have done. You'll love them for sure..
Deb's Holiday Copy Cat Party

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Marty's Tabletop Tuesday

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