Monday, September 19, 2011

Playing with my Blog Design

Happy Monday Everyone,

I think it might be a few more days till I get my energy back but I'm on the mend.   I did find enough energy to make myself a new header..  Those of you who come here often know I change it per season and often per holiday:)    I've worked in graphic design for 7 years and never tire of it.. Always something new and different with each piece of art.. At least thats how I think of it, as Art.

  I made this tag free button for this template design,, this will go on my sidebar...
  Still trying to decide if I want to use a divider..

What do you all think- do you like dividers used in a post or are they distracting?
 How do you feel about changing the blog design and colors?  do you like things to stay the same or prefer to see something different when you open a blog you've been to before..  Its ok Be honest, wont hurt my feelings either way:)  

 Your visits mean a lot to me so of course I want to put on my prettiest clothes and offer you a lovely space to spend the time in while you're here..

   There are tutorials all over the net for making headers , so I'll just say this.. If you try and any part of it gives you a rough time, email me.. I usually know a way to get,  Over- Around or Through that type of issue and just might be able to help you get where you want to go..

 thanks for stopping in to visit. you know I love it when you're here..
Happy Fall Ya'll