Monday, August 26, 2013

Porch is Done for now - befores and afters

  I'm Slow , but most of ya'll know that already..

 The porch is done-- except for the new tile and that has to wait till it gets cooler cause Sonny cant handle extreme Heat:)

  I'm still thrilled with how it all turned out..

  I'll just put the LIST of things done here.

 boob light down- ceiling fan installed- check:)
 bulked up molding around front windows and shutters moved over-Check:)
 Martha  Stewart loveseat and 2 chairs - came with cushion inserts only-Check:)
 Made both a White and Green set of cushion covers- Check:)
 Made floral pillows- Check:)    bird pillow from lowes
 2 tables from goodwill-- painted valspar semi gloss white-Check:)
 Moved center column left 10 inches-Check:)
 Built and put up Cupola-Check:)
 installed carriage  door hardware on garage door-Check:)
 Built my own Front door with Sidelights and installed it-Check:)

 I'm TIRED~!!!! lol
 still to do..
 tile porch in smoke grey 18 inch tile
 paint shutters soft grey Valspar
 and to remind ya'll what I started with in mid June

House     Door area     Table from goodwill---  Before photos
I can't plant vines on the Trellis till Oct. when the rest of the landscaping happens but its up there..

The ceiling fan feels so good in the evenings when we go outside and it helps keep the sqeeeters away too.

 I am soooooooooooo in love with the front of my home now. I grin everytime I see it..
I hope you enjoyed seeing it cause I sure enjoyed showing it to ya..
 Come back often.  Theres more new stuff coming soon on the inside..  I've been busy:)
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hugs to all

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Kitchen Colors Peek

 Things are changing here at Dream Lane, and those words may win the understatement of the century:)

  As many of you know I wanted a new door with sidelights, thats how things started.. Once that was done, I was so thrilled with it, I started to think about bulking up the window molding too and with that half done I began to notice I needed a new porch floor..   Can ya see where this is going...?

  So today the carpenters come to add the molding to the windows and once thats all primed and painted , I'll paint the shutters their new color..

  Ya know how we decor diva's are, if the outside changes in style and color of course there must be changes inside too.   why? cause thats just how we are:)

     Ya'll will be proud of me though, cause I DID remember to take before pictures. Can ya believe it.. wow lol..

   Suffice it to say- beadboard in areas,,  new kitchen bar design,, backsplash tiles in greyish tones on the diagonal..  Oh Baby  I'm gonna have quite a mess but thats what it takes to get it where I want it.

  New drapes, pillows and decor will bring the  adjoining rooms:: dining-living and family room::  right along into the major decor party I am having here..

For now:: sorry this before pic is crappy:: I didnt take a new before shot cause I was too excited to get this one small wall done so I could see if Cottagy/ Nautical/Ecclectic was for me...  This glass front cabinet is whats actually to blame for the kitchen redo..  gotta blame something, right:):)

  As slow as I am there may be a hundred peeks of this and that before I can show the whole thing , inside and out.   The landscaper refuses to move plants and trees till the weather gets cooler so I cant get a full shot of the front till thats done- but Peeks, I can get for ya..

  I am so excited I'm about to POP and its a great feeling after many years of serious depression and anxiety. I hid that pretty well, didnt I..    I was able to convince everyone else I was SUNNY SONNY but that sure wasnt the truth..     Its wonderful to be healing day and day. I am Blessed and Very Grateful and I do appreciate ya'll sticking with me even when my postings have been sparce ..

  I'll try to get some good pics of the fabrics I choose in the next few days ..

  Ok I've babbled long enough...
Before - dark and dreary and not a happy look.
again- sorry for the crappy pic
and here is the Revised addition on that wall..   it makes me happy to walk towards the kitchen in the morning and inspires me to keep working till I get the entire home lighter and brighter and happier for myself and any one who visits here-- including Ya'll.

:: Thanks to Maryann my good friend in Maine for the sheep art print from their state fair in 2012::
ps-- the colors surrounding the photo gives you a clear idea of the tones I am using all over the house, inside and out:)

 thanks so much for visiting me.   It means alot and I love reading your comments.
Happy Sunday and Have a fabulous upcoming week.

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