Monday, January 17, 2011

Tea Tray Decor & A Baby

As many of you know NC was hit with a snow storm.. Some of it has lasted in shady areas and I just happened to have stepped in one of those and slipped.. ouchie.. sprained my ankle...
  This made for a great time for tea:)  Not one of my fanciest vignettes but very soothing. Then I quieted things down with just a candle and sweet little birds and this is how it'll stay till I can walk without hobbling..
so heres the tea...
Simple and quiet.. Just a candle and the birdies..
Its party time over at Susan's.... click on this link to see all the other great posts by creative folks who also joined her party..

BNOTP~ Susan's Meta Party
I hope this Baby adds to your viewing pleasure while you stopped by to visit me..  This was a custom order for an ethnic infant .. I had photos to go by in order to get the proper skin tone and I'm happy to say the new Mom was thrilled with her new baby..   I wish I could reveal my customers name but that wouldnt be ethical of me:) Suffice it to say I was NERVOUS while I made this piece of vinyl come to life and thrilled to receive the email that said:: " She's stunning and I Love her"... that and the 2nd half of my payment put a big ole grin on my face , hehehehehehe...
so here she is...
 I enjoy your visits so much and I hope you know you are much appreciated..
Thanks for letting me show you what gets done on Dream Lane.
Come back to see me anytime..