Monday, January 17, 2011

Tea Tray Decor & A Baby

As many of you know NC was hit with a snow storm.. Some of it has lasted in shady areas and I just happened to have stepped in one of those and slipped.. ouchie.. sprained my ankle...
  This made for a great time for tea:)  Not one of my fanciest vignettes but very soothing. Then I quieted things down with just a candle and sweet little birds and this is how it'll stay till I can walk without hobbling..
so heres the tea...
Simple and quiet.. Just a candle and the birdies..
Its party time over at Susan's.... click on this link to see all the other great posts by creative folks who also joined her party..

BNOTP~ Susan's Meta Party
I hope this Baby adds to your viewing pleasure while you stopped by to visit me..  This was a custom order for an ethnic infant .. I had photos to go by in order to get the proper skin tone and I'm happy to say the new Mom was thrilled with her new baby..   I wish I could reveal my customers name but that wouldnt be ethical of me:) Suffice it to say I was NERVOUS while I made this piece of vinyl come to life and thrilled to receive the email that said:: " She's stunning and I Love her"... that and the 2nd half of my payment put a big ole grin on my face , hehehehehehe...
so here she is...
 I enjoy your visits so much and I hope you know you are much appreciated..
Thanks for letting me show you what gets done on Dream Lane.
Come back to see me anytime..



  1. You are amazing Sonny! The baby looks so real, just beautiful, I want to squeeze her, and what a cute little outfit.

  2. So sorry to hear you hurt yourself - hope your ankle heals soon. You did an amazing job with the baby - true talent.

  3. That baby is amazing, Sonny! You are so talented! I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. I've been stepping over spots even if they look wet here, because you never know. Enjoy your tea while you recuperate!

  4. So sorry about your ankle, Sonny; hope it's all better soon. The baby is truly beautiful; amazing how you get the skin tones just right! Annie

  5. You really have such an amazing amount of talent! The baby is very authentic looking. It's as if we are looking at a real baby. I just want to keep staring at her! Sonny, you rock girl! Very sorry to hear about your ankle, and I hope you heal quickly. Take care!

  6. Sonny that baby looks real enough to Kiss..What an awesome job you did..Girl keep that foot up and drink your tea..Stay healthy my Dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  7. That doll is just gorgeous! She looks so real, you are very talented indeed! And the tea setting is so lovely as well. Hope your ankle gets better soon!

  8. Just beautiful Sonny, if I didn't know it, I would think she was real. Char
    Heal up fast!! And beautiful tea, I enjoyed it.

  9. Sorry about your ankle. Hope you're keeping it elevated. I love the baby. I didn't know you did these. I've got to check this out! What a fabulous talent you have!!

  10. Hi lovely lady. I love the Baby just Beautiful!!
    I think you are so Talented sweet lady !!! I hope your ankle heal up fast for you. I love to be one of your followers to see all your lovely talents. ~~~I hope you have a Great Day.

  11. Hi Sonny! You poor thing - I'm so sorry about your ankle. Hope it heals quickly! Your little tea setting is gorgeous! You can really set up some pretty spots.
    Now about that baby! You are just amazing - she's adorable and looks so lifelike! You are truly talented and I'm just amazed at your work.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  12. Oh my gosh, she is wonderful! What beautiful work you do! Hope you heal up very soon...

    Nita Jo

  13. Oh wow, I had to go back and re-read your post to see if that was a real baby or not!!! The detail is amazing, even the palms of the hands! You are very talented!

  14. Sonny I do not know how you do that but that baby is just beautiful!!!

  15. Hi Sonny,
    So sorry you sprung your ankle. Hope you are doing better really soon hon. Good time to sit back and relax and drink all that tea!!
    Your baby is awesome, she looks so real, I can't
    believe you make these, they are just so amazing.
    What a Gift!!
    Be praying for that ankle.
    Blessing to you sweetie, Nellie

  16. Oh my goodness, I really thought that was a live baby! She is beautiful! Feel better soon!

  17. Sonny, it blows my mind that you make these babies that look so real. What a fabulous talent you have.

  18. What a fabulous job! My goodness! I too am sorry about your ankle. Those of you in the south have really had quite a winter.

    I have that white coffee pot (from a thrift store)in your first picture. I love it. Very soothing tablescape to be sure.


  19. I looove your sweet little baby and especially that I found her/you on MLK's birthday! I can only imagine the delight to the proud new Mama when she first laid eyes on her! Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  20. ouchie sonny, sorry about your ankle. hope you get to feeling better soon. your table is just stunning and the baby is definately a beauty. i don't know how your do it! just beautiful. feel better soon. hugs

  21. Sonny, I'm so sorry you sprained your ankle. Hope it is better now. your tea table looks so pretty, but your baby is awesome! When I see one of your babies, I always think it's a real baby until I read your commentary about it. Absolutely beautiful! What talent! laurie

  22. Seriously? You MADE this! What an artist you are! I cannot imagine the work and talent that went into this little work of art. She's sooooooo beautiful. I am AMAZED! Great job girlie!



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