Tuesday, January 18, 2011

INFO- for those doing the aged Books

I may not have titled this correctly.. What I wanted to say is, Big Lots and Ollies have hardback books for 50 cents.
 I have read on lots of blogs that folks were buying books at goodwill- thrift stores and other resale places and paying from $1.00 to 3.00 , so I thought this 50 cent info might be helpful since it isnt time for yard sales in most areas , where I feel sure you can find books for super cheap..

I just want to say HERE that the ones I've seen done by my fellow bloggers are wayyyyyyyyy prettier than the sample I found on PB.. but I'm giving them credit here cause it seems like the right thing to do so..
photo compliments of PB site..

 I got 3 to try this "aging books" technique on.. I am such a copy cat and I admit it.. I wonder if theres a
Copy Cat 12 step program.. if there is I need to sign up lol..

anyway, if your wanting to do the BOOK THING, 50 cents is a real good price..
You dont even need to mention to Big Lots  or Ollie's that Sonny sent ya.. I wont tell..giggle

Have a great day and keep aging those books and posting them cause I may need even more samples to go by before I try this..



  1. What a great deal Sonny. You can't buy books that cheap at Goodwill. I love the look...thanks for sharing.

  2. LOVE the look. Thank you for the tip:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Thanks so much for the info! Just found your lovely site!

  4. Thank you for sharing that information. I have been to good will and sometimes items are cheaper in the stores, why?
    I will have to check out Big Lots.

  5. I haven't tried this {yet}. Thanks for the great tip, Sonny!


  6. 50 cent books seems like a great deal to me. The books are one project I haven't copied....YET!

  7. Sonny, I'm sure that those you are copying know that it is flattering for someone to copy something, so I think you can keep on copying and flattering other bloggers. Love the photo from PB, and you can't get any better than 50 cent books! Thanks for the tip. laurie

  8. Hi Sonny, thanks so very much for taking the time to stop by for a visit, I appreciate it so much. I've been going thur your older posts and I must say you have one beautiful home, love the corner cupboard that you got a deal on and thanks for sharing about the crackle problem, I'll have to remember that!
    I'm a follower now and will add you to my bloglist I really don't care for dashboard.


  9. Hi Sonny! Oh, thank you for telling us about the 50cents books at Big Lots! I was wanting to play and do some things with some books and was going to go to Goodwill and the cheapest ones they have are $1.99! And I wanted three! You're a jewel!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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