Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Sunday by the Fire

  Good Sunday morning everyone...

  I just had to share this with you all..  We got a new 60 inch flatscreen , which was great except for the fact that it dwarfed the TV cabinet we had purchased for the 36 inch tv or maybe it was a 42 ~ anyway it was much smaller lol..

 About the same time we decided the family room needed its own heat source .. An fireplace with remote control sounded great to me.. The search began for a combination media center and firplace began.  I searched all over the internet and the ones that were large enough to hold that "JINORMOUS"  tv and a fireplace with sufficient btu's to heat the room were outrageously priced- or at least I thought they were..Prices ran between 1,300.00 and 3000.00...   You know how it is, you get one thing and then it calls for 3 more things , the money being spent turns into a lot more than was originally anticipated.. Well, that was the case for sure..
  We went to lowes for a new light fixture for the side of the garage and what did we spy the minute we walked in??  The perfect cabinet, style and size wise at a price I could live with.. 683.00   -- allllllllllllrighty, now were talkin:)
Not only was the size and style perfect but it was the exact same wood tone as the sofa table I have in front of my Faux window on the opposite side of the room as well as the antique table in the corner I found on craigslist... 
  We went over to the sales desk to start filling out the papers and the guy said- " would you like it assembled for free:  ahhhhhhhhhhhhh YES, we would... the ones online would have had to be assembled- so again , we were doing good ..  They assembled and white glove delivered it for FREE..  Sat it right in place and stayed to show me how it worked and all about the remote control.. 
 Those were 2 of the nicest delivery people I've ever had come to my home and I made sure to send a Thank You card to the store with their names on it... I'm pretty sure they mostly hear complaints and I wanted to be sure they were acknowledged for their Great Behavior and to know they were very appreciated.
I am looking forward to decorating this piece for the holidays... I havent been able to decorate on this side of the room ever before because the other cabinet was too small and had all it could do to hold the small tv..
I just had to share this wonderful purchase with you..I'm a firm believer in checking for items online but after this I think I'll start looking around first for items closer to home.  This same item was twice as much on the CSN site and even more at other sites... so, I'll be going to Lowe's and looking when I want something first.. May as well keep the money in my own area, doncha think:)
Thanks for visiting and sharing in my joy..
Happy Sunday~!!