Monday, August 30, 2010

Blogging in the Jungle Room

   I'm so happy ya'll came  to visit.. I dont get much company during the day , so this is a real treat for me.

I'm joining in on Kate's Blog Party.. You all are going to love seeing where everyone blogs, so do click her link please and go visit those folks...

 The jungle room is my hubby's name for the Family Room.  He says I have enough plants out here to start a shop.. His tendency to exaggerate knows no bounds :)
 The fact is, this room is where both my plants and I grow and thrive best. Them in their way and Me in mine.

 I started to take the fan out of the window but then I thought, no, let them see it as it really is, so I am..
 I love sitting at this window where I can out or looking directly across out the patio door I showed you a few days ago and on the far left wall is where that new humongous TV the hubs won in a raffle is located.  Its a 60incher so I can clearly SEE the picture even without my glasses lol.

 I work on my babies and blog here during the day and then in the evening its where we relax together. Its pretty much a multi function room and works well for us.

 I'm happy to have you in my home and in the space I spend so much time.. Do stop by the kitchen where theres fresh brewed sweet tea and cookies waiting for you.. Then come on back in here and we'll choose a movie to watch...

 Hugs and Happy Monday