Friday, August 17, 2012

Bar Stools ~ Comparison

 Let me begin by saying we sat once in 6 years, in the bar stools we had. So to say these are Just For Looks, would be a major understatement.   

  I was looking this morning at some to replace the others - just so that space wouldnt be completely empty, until such time as I decide if I want cabinets installed in that space.   Or maybe a cabinet on each end and the 2 bar stools inbetween.   I'll have to look through some kitchen design sites to figure this out..

 For now though- its bar stools.

 I went first to Pottery Barn- found ones that would work and wouldnt conflict with my slightly frenchie breakfast room set,,, havent shown ya'll that yet- but I will:)  They are a bit more than I wanted to pay , just for something to basically look at..  so I went to WayFair and low and behold , the same bar stools.
 oh my monitor the rush on the seats might be a bit lighter but a few flicks with a very dry brushing of stain would fix that, if it bothered me..

 Pottery Barn 129.00 - 18.00 shipping
 WayFair          49.00 - free shipping ::: Market Place is the same site..

Both had 5 star ratings from the customers who made purchases.
 I bet you can guess which ones I choose.. 
here they are side by side..  expected delivery 7 days.
AND they only weigh 8lbs each so when vacumming I can pick it up with one hand- vacumm - plop it back down..  yeaaaaaaaaaaaa 
 I dont know about ya'll but with my back I have to think about the weight of every item I have to move so I can do a proper cleaning every week. Its the little things I am finding more and more important or maybe I'm just getting Lazy and need to admit it..

 Thanks for stopping by to take a peek..  I'll let you know if I give them 5 stars once they're here.

Happy Friday


  1. I can't tell the difference in their looks. Great find. I think you will like them. I don't sit at mine very often, however friends do all the time to talk to me in the kitchen. Hugs, Marty

  2. Wow! What a price difference, Sonny! You sound like me when it comes to that stuff. I'd rather have nothing for awhile as I research pricing. I lucked out with our counter stools at the Ballard Outlet. We had never had a counter at either of our previous two homes, but I knew we would use ours what with it being just the two of us now. And we do! Everyday I eat breakfast and lunch there and I'm so glad I got the stools I did wind up getting.

  3. definitely a better price! and you may even like sitting on it twice every 6 years! :)

  4. wow, it sure pays to do some research doesn't it, beautiful stools!

  5. Hi Sonny,
    what nice stools, and quite a price difference........pays to shop around that is for sure!

    I love white anything, so the color would be perfect for me.

    Thanks for coming by last night,
    and for all your sweet comments,
    love having these lil conversations. yea, paper plates
    can definitely be nice and give you a break if you play the scenario right like you did with making the food ahead. I was telling hubby I think I am gonna start trying to make 2-3 dishes
    at one time, for the whole week,
    then all I would need to do is heat it and maybe make a salad or veggie. Always nice to have a break.
    Will you email me at with your email address. I want to send you something............

    Blessings for a lovely weekend,

  6. Sonny- You are one smart shopper. I'm with you- I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that is not in heavy use! Those look almost identical to me. The only difference I can see is that the PB ones have a little thicker shaped dowel between the legs....and, basically- who cares? xo Diana

  7. Love Them! They also won't be overpowering. I say that only because we have bar stools that we picked up to go in a previous home and they were great there with lots of room. Current home they overpower the island but here they sit, year after year :)

  8. I love that style bar stool Sonny and what a great price!

  9. The stools do look the same! I know which ones I would have bought too.

  10. Lovely bar stools,They looks so cool..PSD to WordPress

  11. Okay now I'm on the hunt. Our bar stools have backs and arm rests and are very clunky to vacuum around. Never gave it much thought because I like the way they look, but going for something more lightweight truly appeals to me. Glad you think of these things so I don't have to:)

  12. Sonny I've just been catching up with you on your last few posts. I love how you are redoing your home style. I especially love how you donated so many things to a favorite charity. It is a great feeling to give things away to those who need it. It's been awhile since I've gone through our house and done the same but really need to do so. I am looking forward to seeing your changes as they come about. It's looking great and I'm loving your shopping saving tips too!

  13. I suppose we should get some bar stools for our counter, but we never seem to use that part of the counter anyways....sigh.

    Food for thought.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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