Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dont let the Ugly pic Scare You

 I dont tell much of my private stuff so I wont go into detail about this past year except to tell you that I have been Extremely Blessed and Miracles have occured..  I thought a lot about how to show my gratitude and came up with a few different ways..  Saying how grateful one is , thats fine , but for me , it takes Action too..

 I was in the process of cleaning out some things- showed ya'll that pic - but I'll refresh your memory with that ugly pic...   actually the photo I'm showing is about 1/5th of what I gave away..  I choose a charity that I know helps folks -- FOR FREE.. I didnt want to donate and have them make a big profit and Believe me, before this donate was done, they would have.

 I thought about listing things on craigslist - cause gee who couldnt use an extra 500.00 or maybe lots more.
 Then I rethought my blessings and miracles and  nah, no selling, just giving and then giving some more..

 Monday was one of the happiest days I've had in many years..

here's a list of why is was so happy and what I GAVE in Gratitude.
Its my great wish that those who receive it will SMILE and it will make their lives Better..


all items less than 5 years old and most never used at all..

27 boxes == assorted
13 large black trash bags- fabric , craft items
2 wingbacks
sofa-- n -- ottoman
piano bench
media cab on fireplace
2 love seats
sofa table
this pic represents about 1/5 of what went away to the Rescue Mission.
twin matress n boxspring
bar stools
2 dining sets
2 desks
3 office chairs
framed art 9 of those
dishes pots pans set of silverware
34 piece set of bone china
accessories - LOL
2 cannister sets
5 sets of queen beddings
8 lamps and shades
I only took 1 pic but it eventually went from the front door all the way through the dining room and into the family room.

I dont want to leave ya'll with that bad pic in your head so....   I'll put whats left in the garage till I get it painted and redone..
 sure is easy to vacumm LOL..

I've shown a lot of inspiration photos lately , so those who follow me sorta know what my plans are,, and I'll post room by room as I get each done with before and after photos..
I moved the fireplace to this wall.. Not sure if Its staying there or not..

Other Side  ... I wonder how long those marks will stay in the carpet from having that heavy fireplace on it..

Maybe Stanley Steamer can make the nap come back up.. I hope..

 So far I dont know what all I'll be using in this room.. I did buy  3 sofa's though..
1 for the living room and
  for the family room.
Not sure yet if I want another ottoman//coffee table or a wood one sorta like this.
 3 weeks till delivery which gives me lots of time to do that entry wall.. Paint- decide on accesories and tables and and and LOL..

thanks for visiting.  I appreciate you coming along with me on my latest journey..its hard sometimes doing things all alone.. So I am super grateful to have your kindness and comments and presence in my Life.
I hope to see ya soon..


  1. Wow, Sonny! I'm sure you've helped many many families with all that beautiful free stuff you were able to donate. Never mind $500, you should feel like a million bucks!

  2. Good golly miss molly..that's a huge amount of stuff girl..Your so kind S♥nny..Under
    let me count the reasons I love ya..And I always use a stream Iron on my carpet to bring it back up..Have a great weekend my dear friend..Hugs and love Gl♥ria

  3. That was such a beautiful gesture from you! "God Bless You Girl"!
    Now you have such a wonderful project ahead of you...FUNFUNFUN!!! I'll be looking forward to the AFTER PICTURES! Your photo was NOT UGLY at all. I am SO JEALOUS! I need to do that too...
    Have a wonderful weeks end,
    Big Hugs,

  4. Sonny honey I think that was such a awesome thing for you to do for those that will find years of happiness because a generous lady gave them so much.
    I would love to do this myself but I would be sitting on old hardwood floors for a long while. hahaha
    God Bless You for being so generous.
    Love ya

  5. That was such a wonderful thing you did! You made some people very happy.Have a great day.


  6. that's awesome! we sold one of our nice cribs for really cheap on craigslist and the vietnamese couple that bought it, came over and could not fit it in their car. so we took it to their apt. They had barely anything. the same night I email them and told them I had few more things for the baby that we were not using...I showed up at their place with all kinds of baby should have seen their big smiles on their face. Needless to say, we became good friends!!! You never know how you can bless others until you do! Money is only money...

  7. Sonny, doesn't it feel great to have all of those things purged out?! I am glad that it will benefit others who are truly in need! That's awesome! I'm excited to see all of your new things!

  8. Well you have been busy. We gave truckloads to GW when we moved. I don't even know what it was...but it is gone now!!

  9. Oh Sonny, as my daughter is proving, you can't outgive God. He's giving to you and you're giving it back. How fabulous is that. Just wait and see what he gives you next. Can't wait to see the new room come together. Hugts, Marty

  10. Ahhh Sonny you are too kind, so thoughtful. You know good deeds never go unnoticed:)!~ I love this.

  11. Wow, not only are you so generous, Sonny, but I'm amazed at the practically blank slate you've got to work with now! It must feel weird having all that emptiness at the moment. At least you won't have things in your way or to cover while you are painting and getting ready for the new stuff.

  12. have a big heart! Many would have wanted money, but you are filled with gratitude and that makes you special!

    I'm excited about what you are doing with your living room. The fireplace looks fabulous on that wall and I love the new sofa you are getting. Lucky girl!! :)


  13. We donate too....Looks like you are going to have fun creating new spaces. Place ice cubes in the carpet dents and let them melt. It will get rid of them. You might have to do it a few times.

  14. We like to donate too, that way it is a blessing to others, so I think you are right on about that!
    I was just gonna tell you the same thing Penny did about the dents it works. Sometimes you have to do it a few times and then take a coin and maybe scrape it a lil bit. I learned that from can you guess who??
    Martha Stewart of course!!

    Think your living room is looking quite nice already, so can't wait
    to see the final results. wish I was around to help ya, things are
    so much more fun when you do them together that is for sure.

    Wowzers.....that is gonna be so much fun getting your new sofas,
    can't wait to see...........

    Love and blessings hon,

  15. What a wonderful thing to do, I'm sure that helped a lot of families! Can't wait to see your rooms all put together!!

  16. Eagerly awaiting your finished project.

  17. Wow - that is inspirational! Looking forward to what you decide to do! Linda

  18. Doesn't it feel good to get rid of things that don't make you happy, but will make others feel that way? Glad you have been experiencing blessings and expressing gratitude. Now. Where did you get your new sofas?

  19. Lucky you with a new canvas. I can't wait to see how the room progresses. It feels so good to donate the old and unused. I wish I could "start over" but I think that's not in my cards any time soon :)

    I've heard that putting ice cubes on the lines in the carpet and letting them melt a bit will soften the carpet and make it easier for the carpet fibers to rise. I haven't tried it so I don't know if this is true or not but it could be worth an ice cube to try it.

  20. I am glad that you decided to give to a charity that gives back to those who need it.

    Once we realized that some charities kept the profits, we avoided them like crazy. It's good to actually ask what they do with the proceeds before donating.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  21. Hi Sonny! You've been a busy gal and I know you'll be blessed by your generosity to others.! Can't wait to see what you do.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. You gave away so much! Doesn't it make you feel good :) The last time we bought a new sofa and chairs we gave it away to someone who needed it rather than sell it and it made me happy that they appreciated it.
    I know you will be blessed many times more!


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