Monday, July 18, 2011

Wanna SMILE?? C'mere and Lookie

I have my good and bad days.. Doc's say its hormonal or one of those other disorders folks have and want me to take pills... I am adverse to that idea and through the years I've had to come up with my own solutions for the down days...  on my cure list is--
  all I have to do is sit quiet and mentally make a list of all the good, joy and miraculous moments I've had throughout my life , and right away I start feeling better..   Making a grateful list is FREE and EASY to do and does'nt fill your body with chemicals..

DEEP BREATHING fresh air.. summer or winter- this works to lift my spirits.

 and then- there's this... PUPPY PICS - you gotta smile when you look at puppy pics. Right?
I hope these add a smile to your day~ they sure did to mine...
:: photos~ courtesy of aol news::

  Is this a sweetie or what..
"when I am worried and I cant sleep, I count my blessings instead of.....umm yea I know the song says sheep but I'd rather count PUPPIES:)
I used to breed Pomeranians and we never had a litter that there was'nt at least one pup that just HAD to use the rest of the litter as a headrest...  too cute and brings back great memories for me.
Cant ya just here the bigger one saying" I got ya pinned"  

ok, if it gets much cuter I wont be able to stand it..
Naptime.. now who doesnt feel better after a nap? I know I do..
Have I said lately how much I love ya'lls visits and how much I appreciate having you in my internet life? if not- I'm sayin it now and by golly I mean it too..
  Thanks for smiling along with me today...I feel better already:)


  1. Don't do that! You are going to make me want to get a puppy! I love puppies....I always said if I ever got rich, really rich...I would build on my huge land a house just for all my dogs!

  2. Sonny, these are just too cute. Thanks for the smile. Hugs, Marty

  3. Wow, what a great way to start the day! So adorable. I also just "strolled" through your landscape, and I must say it is just beautiful. Perfect "Mother Nature" transformation!

  4. Sonny, That's a great way to feel better!! I love the puppies. It's been a year since our sweet friend Taz passed on. Your pics make me want another one. Cute, Cute!! Hope you have a great day! Love, Joy

  5. Every time I see pics of puppies, I want one, then sanity comes back:):) These pics are SOOOO cute! XO, Pinky

  6. Too cute! Love the pic of the wrestling match:@)

  7. Puppy love! Puppies definitely always bring a smile to my face!

    Your garden looks lovely!

    ~ Tracy

  8. Oh Sonny, those pups pics are just the cutest.

  9. Hi Sonny,
    First, let me say that you offer great advice! And those puppies are just too cute!! Simply adorable little faces and makes me want to go out and get me one. Thanks for sharing and for your visit. Nice to meet you!


  10. Hi Sonny! yes, ma'am, I'm smiling. What darling little dolls! Hope your hormones get under control. I took hormone pills for about 3 years and decided to ween off and just suffered! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  11. You've made me smile and I'll be sharing your post with all my dog loving friends! Thanks for visiting my site .. and I'm following you, too.

  12. Just may have come up with a solution for world peace. Puppy pictures! Who knew.

  13. Makes me want to go out and bring a puppy home -- they are so cute!!!! There is nothing like a puppy -- unless it is a kitten! Love the babies!

  14. Awww! How adorable! Thanks for stopping by and nice comment.

  15. What sweet little puppies! Yes, they always make one smile! Feel better soon!


  16. Sonny...your name is PERFECT for have such a sunny personality and you also walk in THE SON.It shines thru your posts.:))
    I love these adorable little puppies...if they would only STAY little. :))

  17. Oh Sonny these are SO cute!!! Love them and want to just snuggle each and every one :)

  18. awww...those pups are precious Sonny! I am catching up while on vaca. We are heading home tomorrow after two long weeks gone. I look forward to getting back to the Carolinas. I just read about some peeps losing their domain names, what the heck? Hope it works out for them.

  19. Hi Sonny,
    So good to hear from you Hon, and so happy about your new mower and your daughters job going so well, that is wonderful!
    You are so right about the grateful list, it makes a world of difference, every since I have started my Thankful Thursday post over 2 yrs. ago, it has really transformed my life. It is just so much easier to see the brighter side of things, and there is always something no matter how bad the week has been and once you come up with the first few things it just goes from there. Think the Lord loves helping us out with those lists~~ lol

    and I agree with looking at pics of lil cute cuddly animals makes me smile every time....they are just so adorable.
    or adorable lil ones.......yesterday I was in the ladies room and heard this lil child just laughing hysterically and it just cracked me up, he was so cute!!
    Glad your Sonny Sweeper still works well, but after 50 years she should get a lot of breaks,
    I would think!! lol

    Take Care Sweetie,
    Have a wonderful and restful weekend,
    Blessings, Nellie

  20. Sonny, the puppies are adorable. Glad to see your post. I've missed you.
    I've been gone some, too.



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