Saturday, April 17, 2010

Favorites Make Me Cry Happy Tears

I have been wanting to participate in Laurie's Saturday Favorites and this is my week~ woohooo.
You can go here~A Few of My Favorite Things~  to see links to the other folks who are also participating.. You'll be glad you did, as there are so many lovely photos and such great inspiration...

 Each of my favorites have a little story to go with them to let you know why they are fav's of mine.

I went grocery shopping about a month ago and they had just started hanging plants outside for folks to buy.
 I didnt cause I felt it was too early and the weather here in NC has been so odd this year, it caused me to worry about another deep frost or 3:-) So I shopped , got my groceries in the trunk and took my cart to the "put cart here" station... In the cart ahead of mine I saw a few sprigs of a plant. I guess they got caught in the rungs and the person left them there.. I picked them up and wrapped them in a tissue, brought them home.. No , trust me, I DONT have a green thumb...There was a planter in the pantry with soil it in and I just unwrapped the sprigs and stuck them in. I figured if they lived , GREAT and if not, they were free so nothing lost...
A little watering as I was on my way to fill the furbabies bowl and thats all..
Here she is only a month later... I brought it out to my desk to remind me of what a miracle nature is and that when something has the will to live and thrive, it does, with very little help from mankind. Once abandoned, left wilting in the bottom of a grocery cart and now~ this.... I look at her and well up with happy Tears, and think- somebody up there likes me...
I got the pineapples lamp from Wally World~16.95.. Its heavy and they say pineapples are a sign of Welcome...
Here's another mirror I made. Mirror Magic mastic and some detail trim. I havent had time to make the grids yet but I will..
In my last post I was talking about my daughter and I not being able to agree on the large sofa table arrangement. She won with her LESS IS MORE idea, so I just moved my roosters over to the side table and added my new Hearth Plate I got for 50 cents at goodwill.  We are both very happy with our arrangements and peace reigns again in the House of Dreams.. giggle
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites and again , please stop by and see Laurie and all the nice folks who are linked to her party ~  
A Few of My Favorite Things 

hugs and happy thoughts to (((ALL))) PS- up top on my toolbar you'll see my giveaway, please enter:)


  1. I'm jealous of that 50 cent GW plate! All of your favorites are pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sonny I can't get over the plant...the fact that you even noticed the sprigs to take them home, to me so sweet...I would have never thought that. I love your table too!~ That is a really cute pineapple light. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love that plant story! I have an indoor plant that started life with me as I lovingly carried cuttings from an outdoor plant in California to Oregon. I'm always amazed that those cuttings not only lived, but thrived.

    You always find the best "stuff."

  4. Sonny, you rescued the little sprigs from the garbage heap. Look at that beauty thrive. Love the pineapple lamp and your new vignette.

  5. Nice plant Sonny, that is so neat. I believe that plant is called "Wandering Jew", we used
    to have it when we lived in Fort Lauderdale, and friends gave it to me back then saying I couldn't kill it, since I had such a black thumb back then. My problem.........I over cared for the plants, too much water. So know I wait till they look a bit droopy before I water them, works way better!! and some think I actually have a green thumb now!! lol
    Your blog face is so very pretty. Very nice choice indeed.
    Have a great weekend.
    Blessings Galore, Nellie

  6. Love your gorgeous plant, pineapple lamp and the mirror too. Such a pretty vignette. The end table with the rooster, plate and flowers is stunning. Such lovely displays and vignettes. Perfect for Table Top Tuesday. Hope you will link up. Hugs, Marty

  7. Yay Super lovely treasures!! THanks for sharing Sonny..fabulous!!Such fun!

  8. Sonny the plant is beautiful! Girl, it was just meant to be for you to have this little new life trying to live here! Just a reminder to me that new life...even a sprig of a plant....brings freshness to us and makes us happy! Be blessed. Cindy

  9. Hi Sonny! Beautiful plant story! Looks so healthy and I beg to differ with you - I believe you have a green thumb!
    I love your pretty vignette.
    Now I'm having my first blog party on May 7th and hope you'll come!
    You can find out about it on the little button on my sidebar.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Sonny, YOU are one of my favorites! :)
    xoxo pattie

  11. Oh my gosh, look at that plant, Sonny! I think sometimes an "I don't care" attitude works good for plants ~ mine always seem to thrive better than the ones I labor over. Your story reminded me of the year we lost our gorgeous weeping willow tree in our yard to a hurricane. I cut a couple of branches off and stuck them in a garbage can filled with water. I now have a new weeping willow tree that came from one of those branches! They didn't all root, but I only really needed the one anyway. Glad to hear that peace reigns in the house of Sonny DayDreams once again! : )

  12. Now that is taking nothing and making something out of it! My mom is great at rooting plants. Me, not so much. I have always heard that plant called "Wandering Jew" also but not sure if that's right.

  13. You obviously have more of a green thumb that you are admitting. That is an amazing free plant! I can't believe you only paid 50 cents for that plate. Your vignette on the table looks great. So happy to have you join Favorite Things today. Thank you. laurie

  14. you have a Rescue Plant, Sonny!! I admire you because I kill all plants, healthy or not!! It really is pretty though. Yay for you!! :-)


  15. Your table arrangement is just lovely. I love the roosters.

  16. That plant is unreal! How beautiful! Nancy from OHIO

  17. I love the plant story. I do the same thing. Once I had a tree out front that was very small and it got run over by a child on a bike. I SCOTCH TAPED it upright and my neighbor laughed at me. Now that tree is about 20 feet tall! Love your lamp and plate too! XO, Pinky

  18. I love those pineapples the universal symbol of welcome! Have a wonderful day and come receive a $25.00 gift card!


  19. Love it! I would do that too..If I see a broken piece of something in the nursery I stick it in whatever I am buying..sometimes it lives!
    It is a Wandering Jew as a previous comment said..
    The lamp is so pretty!

  20. Wow! I hate to be the one to tell ya, but you do have a green thumb and whole lotta love! How cool to find and save that sprig like that. It looks beautiful just where you put it too right next to the pineapple lamp. Very pretty vignette on the other table as well!

  21. hey sonny, i knew you had a green thumb! i love your setting!

  22. Hi!
    Where in the Wally World did you find those awesome pineapple lamps?!
    I have never seen them at MY Wal-Mart!
    They ARE welcoming!
    Your daughter has learned some good decorating tips and vignette placement from her mother ;)
    How old is your daughter?
    My 19 year old possesses some wicked skills. She amazes me sometimes!
    It encouraged your girl, I'm sure that everyone loved her design.
    Well peace to your House of Dreams from mine!


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