Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I've been swamped with work so this little barscape was all I managed to get done this week.
As most of you know I am a Goodwill Junkie. I find so many great things there but Some of them are in rather garish colors. Not deterred though as Rustoleum is my friend :-)  I think we all know how to do this by now..
 Wash your piece and allow to dry-- very light coats of spray paint , to avoid drips. I dont usually do a coat of poly unless a piece looks dull to me when I've finished.  
  I dont paint anything we'll eat off of, only decorative pieces like the basket, bunny, jar and the tall piece in the back.
While I dont have an exact amount I would guess that all these pieces including the paint would be about 23.00., which is probably what just the basket cost, new.. Did I say yet today, I LOVE GOODWILL.. well I'm sayin'  it now.
I'm linking up to Marty's party~ ya'll stop in there and see all the other folks who are participating.
You'll see so many beautiful vignettes and meet alot of great folks you might want to follow, to see the pretties they'll create next.. I know thats always a favorite part of my tuesday.

and now on to the good part~! The winner of the $25.00 Target Gift Certificate and The French Stenciled Pillow is.....
Loui ~ Mountain Mermaid 
Since I have no clue how to do the generator I just let me neighbor's husband pull a name out of the bag and call me to say who it was. I did'nt even stay there while he did it lol...
I'll try to email Loui and notify her, otherwise I hope she stops in and gets a great surprise when she sees her name..
 Thank you to all who entered and hopefully we'll be doing another giveaway real soon. This was more fun for me than for ya'll..

Hugs and Happy Tuesday


  1. Congrats to Loui! What did the world do before spray paint, Sunny?? :)
    xoxo Pattie

  2. I love that plate holder and monogram plate display, so pretty!!~ Congrats to the winner:)

  3. Hi Patty..
    I dont know what the world did. I know I've been spray painting for 30 years.. Way back when all I could afford was used furniture. Painting it was the only way to get a cohesive look.. I laugh now when I see folks speak of it as if it was the NEWEST thing on the market lol..

  4. Pretty tabletop and congrats to the lucky winner!...Christine

  5. Love the monogram plates! Very pretty vignette. Congrats to the winner!

  6. Congratulations Loui! Thanks for the lesson on painting glass. Just the information I was looking for.

  7. Sonny, I love your white vignette with your GW finds. Congrats to the winner!

  8. I'm so jealous because I do not have a 'good' Goodwill to go to around here!! Looks lovely as always!!

  9. Love the tabletop! Congrats on the win. Be blessed. Cindy

  10. What a pretty display, Sonny! I love that basket with the greenery! When I go to Goodwill now I always think about what color I could paint something. Color shouldn't deter you from getting something that may be a great piece and quite useful in your own home.

    Congrats to the Winner!

  11. Hi Sonny!!
    wow! thank You!!
    and thank your neighbor for picking me!
    can you tell I am excited?
    to see my name as the WINNER!!!
    first for the wonderful stenciled pillow..
    AND the Target gift card!!
    such wonderful gifts..
    but we are all winners when visiting your delightful blog..
    Love it!
    thanks again for hosting this giveaway!
    warmest hugs, laughing smiles..

  12. Congrat's Loui!! You lucky lady!!


  13. Congratulations to the loui!!!

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  14. I am with you and I love GW. Your treasures are just stunning. The jar is fabulous, love the little tureen, the basket is beautiful and on and on. I also really like the double plate holder. Guess you can tell I love it all. Thanks so much for joining the party and congrats to Loui. Hugs, Marty

  15. If she just wants the gift card and not the pillow, tell her she can pass the pillow on to me - lucky lady. Your vignette is so pretty. I am so jealous of the Goodwill stores that so many bloggers visit. Y'all find such great treasures. laurie

  16. congrats loui. love your barscape sonny!

  17. That is a beautiful vignette! I love the "G"'s on the plates/holder and the surrounding items you've chosen are all the right colours and heights for the space. Lovely!


  18. Thank you all for stopping in and congratulating Loui. What a sweet bunch of folks you are ..
    I wish I had 50 pillows to give away, truly I do.
    Hugs to ((ALL))

  19. Hey Sonny, love the Goodwill hunter in you! looks great....paint doesn't wonders, doesn't it?
    Just saying hi.

    Cara Rose

  20. Hmm, I wonder if the paint or the Good Will is an addiction. Perhaps one day we will see a Good Will Anonymous meeting!

  21. The basket is so pretty. I love the plates, too. A very beautiful vignette. And congrats to the winner!


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