Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sonny's Snowy Balls

  Yes thats right, these are Sonny's Snowy Balls , giggle.

 Its 39 degress here in NC but the likelihood of having snow is sorta slim, now or at Christmas, so I thought I'd do what my Motto says and make a dream come true, one design at a time.

I found some clear glass balls on sale and considered using script paper in them but then I thought, no I want a winter wonder land this year and the only way to have that is to make my own..

  Last year I showed off my Santa in the Snow- which was actually powdered milk, since the epson salts I KNEW I had was missing about the time I was ready to put my display together.. Isnt that always the way it happens?   around here, yep..
 In case any of ya'll were'nt visiting then, here he is..  yes, thats powered milk on the tray and trees.
As it seems to happen with me, again I was ready to work on some holiday decor for my tree. I am trying to get ready, so when my relatives from Italy arrive on the 28th of november, the house is all decorated and I can just enjoy visiting with them.. So I start to make my "snowy balls"..  
Clear glass balls -- check
Silver balls from the dollar store--Check
elmers glue /half n half with water--check
old brush with frayed bristles--check
pan made of used and washed , then carefully folded tin foil--check
powdered milk---- ahhhh, NOOO
deep sigh, its tough not being fully prepared when one sits down among all their, oh so professional tools, to get crafting.`~!

   it would mean getting dressed . make up, hair fixed and I mean seriously, who doesnt wear their crafting clothes for such a project, otherwise known as footie jammies..  These are my lucky Crafting Footie Jammies, I MUST wear these if a project is going to turn out right.. Ya'll have a pair of these, right?
  umm if I put on some cute boots can I just go to the store without changing?  
 OK the answer is no and that means I'd have to get dressed..  so putting on my special Sonny Skull for Thinking Cap, I decided to scour the house for something else that could possible pass as SNOW..

 Idea no. 1-- I have corn flakes- could crush those and try to spray paint them white..  did Ya'll know if you try to spray paint crumbled corn flakes they fly into the air and land all over every dang thing?  well. leemme tell ya,  THEY DO..
::  warning ::  dont try to comb the still wet with spray paint corn flakes out of your hair::  just a little tip I learned during this project..  :):)

Idea no. 2--  comet cleanser?  its powdery, its white, it STINKS  --so noooooooo again.

Idea no. 3-- Splenda?   oh mercy that'll cost a fortune and probably be attractive to bugs and I am phobic about bugs..

 Lets check the daughters room... awww  there's a basket of bath stuff someone gave her last year for her birthday.....  Do I spy Lavendar Bath salts- YES I do.. yeaaaaaaaaaaa
 I can see its the right color and texture- I zip open the bag and the scent almost knocks me and the bath salts in the floor..    I decide to use it.  It works and the house actually has nice lavendar scent which fortunately doesnt last long.. good thing cause I am using fresh pine scent candles this year..

    Hung a few on the tree just to make sure they look like I wanted them too and yes indeedy, they do..
thanks so much for stopping by and reading the Saga of Sonny's Snowy Balls..

PS~~~   PLEASE  click on the lil Elf pic at the top of this page on my sidebar,, and visit Decor to Adore, to see her very special Elves for CeeKay..   CK is ill and needs our LOVE and our HELP.. You'll read all about that on Laura's blog.   I know blogland is full of kind folks who are willing to step up and show a fellow blogger some Love and help make their dream come true.    thanks so much I know she'll appreciate it and that it will make her heart Smile.


  1. This is such a funny story, Sonny! :) You haven't spray painted cornflakes before, have you -- seriously? :D Too funny. I love the footie jammies.

    Your snowy ball ornament is lovely, and I'm glad to know how to make those. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. A very pretty and easy project, Sonny! I was checking out those clear ornaments the other day at Hobby Lobby since I have to get some ornaments together for a new look I want to do on the little tree I put in our master. I want to go white, cream, soft, neutral and these would fit right in.

  3. Oh-Sonny- I love your snowy balls (in the most proper way, of course). They turned out beautifully! Isn't it funny what we do in a pinch? Ever see someone trying to "rice" sweet potatoes using a Snoopy Sno Cone machine? Let me tell ya- it AIN'T pretty! xo Diana

  4. Hi Sonny! You're on a roll and you're funny too. I've been right there where you were - ready to craft and missing things. Love your snowy balls and nice shout out for our Ceekay. I bought me a little elf too and like you, will always think of her when I see it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. You just crack me up. Now I would have just gone to the store the way I was, the people where I shop would faint if they saw me with my hair and makeup done. They are so used to seeing me look like I crawled out of bed, they would have a heart attack. Love the snowy balls. Hugs, Marty

  6. Too, too funny. Scouring the house to find something that works for our crafts as a fill-in. No I have NEVER done that before. LOL It worked out perfectly. xxoo

  7. Oh my gosh woman! Corn flakes, that's about as bad as me getting all the fake snow stuck in my hair....never try to do any photography with glue stuck fingers, and then itch your nose...

    Love your snowy balls.


  8. How does it feel to have everyone love your snowy balls?

  9. Sonny I am sitting here with the biggest smile on my face. Oh how I wish we were neighbors so I could laugh everyday.
    I can just see you trying to spray the cereal. lol
    These turned out sooooo pretty. I know your going to enjoy having them on your tree.
    Can't believe you already have your tree up. WOW
    Before I forget your headboard is gorgeous. Once again I need you as a neighbor.
    Been wanting to shoot you an email ever since my third grade teacher showed up in my life because two more people this week alone showed up from 40 years ago. Only you will be able to help me figure this out.
    Maybe I can sit down five minutes this weekend and write you.
    Love ya

  10. Sonny, for some reason I'm not getting your post on my reader ...bummer! I'm going to add you to my sidebar! :) Love your Christmas balls! I admire a woman who can think on her feet and solve a problem ...even her footed pj's feet! LOL! The balls are beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest of your Christmas decor!

  11. Very pretty snowy balls. I thought that your Santa and candles display
    from last year looked great, too. I've had many misadventures with glue sticks and super glue. One late night, unbeknownst to me, I had managed to dribble quite a bit of super glue onto my nylon pajama pants. I was so involved with what I was working on that I didn't realize it. Finished the gluing project up. Went on doing other things. Much later, when I went to take down my jammy pants to use the bathroom, I painfully discovered, my pajamas were glued in several places to my belly. It actually started to pull skin off, briefly, then I had to stop and use some nail polish remover to separate pants from skin. I am a lot more careful now with the super glue.

  12. These are really cute. You did a great job with what you had. I would have gone "as is" (maybe not the footed pjs) and got whatever I needed. I get so frustrated when I think I have everything I need and then I don't. Good job!1


  13. I always figured you as a snowy balls kinda gal :) Seriously, that's an adorable Christmas ball and I love it that you think outside the "bath"

  14. I never thought of lavendar as a holiday smell but your snow balls look great.
    Do you have your tree up already? I was thinking about starting on decorations this week but I was thinking that was way to early, but maybe not.
    Love your holiday header.

  15. Hi Sonny,
    Your snowy balls came out so nice.
    I saw some like that at Walmart
    tonight, but they were hot pink with snow on them. Like your white ones better.
    I bought a cute lil white sled to go in my white living room for Christmas,and they had these adorable lil peppermint looking trees, hubby really liked them 2 so we got a couple, I have one dangling from my cabinet knob for right now. Looks cute..........
    Well, another week or so and I will be decorating for Christmas, really can't believe it.
    Am hoping I have turned a corner on this thing with my back. I have tendonitis and that is why I have been having such a hard time sitting, think I got it from my saciriliac being out of place, so Dr. realigned me, and have to say I am feeling much better, but the tendonitis has to run it's course,
    but feeling confident that hopefully soon this will all be behind me, no pun intended!! lol
    Nice to be able to sit for at least short periods of time without pain.

    Take Care hon, Hope all is well with you,
    Blessings, Nellie

  16. Oh Sonny, I am laughing about all of your misadventures with faux snow. The final result is beautiful though. Thanks for the smile you put on my face with this post. laurie

  17. I love your sense of humor and your 'snowy balls' are gorgeous. LOL
    I havent started decorating yet. Maybe this weekend...

  18. I love this hilarious tale of woes, but the end produce is always something fabulous! Your snowy balls are adorable and an air freshener to boot!
    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  19. This is a stitch! I can just see you spray painting those cornflakes!

    Love the PJs! I had some footed ones a few years ago, and they were theadbare by the time I had to get rid of them. I think I might need some more!

    I appreciate the fact that you take the time to read my other blog and always enjoy your comments.


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