Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elements of a Kitchen I Love

 I rarely get to participate in Kim's Wow Us Wednesday Party, so when I saw this kitchen I just had to post it.

Again its compliments of BHG's email I got this morning.
  Now, I love my own kitchen- adore it even, BUT, there are some elements here I wish I had done in my own remodel .   If you are thinking of redoing your own kitchen, you may find some of these idea helpful.

to see all the folks who posted their pretties at Kim's party
  I dont have a window in my kitchen, though there is a 6 foot patio door close by for extra light. Still, I love the look and all the decorative things you can do when you have a window over your sink or at least near it.

I just love all this light and brightness..The cornice over the sink is so pretty that no window treatments are required. But I would have used some anyway:)
Why Why Why did I do my bar area like this- why lol.. if I ever get a chance to redo it, I will.

I've been trying to figure out a way to make a micro/coffee station like this since I saw it at 8am this morning. As yet, I havent found a spot I can use but you better believe I'll keep configuring till I do.. Now that I've seen it, its become a must have for me. MUST:)
  These are pretty light fixtures and they suit this sort of kitchen very well.  I know they'll appeal to a lot of you so I couldnt leave them out of this post.    I can see these pendants going right along with the Beachy theme folks are into now.

Is it just me or does white subway tile go with almost every style of kitchen.  I may just have to install some in my own kitchen next spring.  So clean and stylish.
 Now mind you this is just decorative but gosh, what a WOW factor is gives this corner. Again, why didnt I think of this.. oh well, I still love looking at these photos and one never know what changes life will bring and this opportunities to redo another kitchen. 
  Did you find anything you like?  Anything you might want to add to your kitchen?  I hope you enjoyed dreaming along with me..    as always,  thanks for visiting.


  1. I don't like I LOVE this whole kitchen!! Thanks for sharing it with us, Martina

  2. Oh, yeah. I got the same newsletter this morn, and I have already copied the photos to my dream kitchen folder. I think that little beverage center has an appliance garage, which I would love. We must like the same things!

  3. Sonny, This is such a lovely and bright kitchen. Lots of inspiration. I love a white kitchen, I have had one for 17 years. I can find some great ideas here!

  4. Hi Sonny; I found you along the way I think through Southern Savvy Style. I love your blog, so cute. I've followed you and hope you'll visit my blog and maybe follow me if you like it too :)


  5. Love that breakfast station area, Sonny! That's a great idea for those areas that aren't quite big enough to use the counterspace for cooking.

  6. It is difficult for me not to picture a pair of muddy boots on the floor surrounded by grass tracked in and/or hay plus a bucket of food scraps for the chickens on the counter along with worming medicine and pest control sprays, etc. Lovely kitchen but no place for one in my life:)

  7. This is an amazingly beautiful kitchen...I want it for myself!! Thanks for sharing, Sonny!


  8. Love that soft green too -- what a GORGEOUS kitchen -- thanks for your sweet visit.

  9. Hi Sonny! Oh, I just love to see pretty kitchens. I love that soft green and the coffee bar!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Love, love, love this!!! Thanks for posting. Found you via Savvy Southern Style and have become your newest follower. Pop on over and see my white kitchen redo when you get a moment. Tootles, Kathryn

  11. This kitchen IS dreamy Sonny.
    It is so bright and white.
    Just lovely.
    Thanks for sharing~

  12. Oh how gorgeous. I would love a kitchen like that. I just need a newer, bigger house. lol

    You said your rooster turned out orange. I have no idea. I use Minwax Dark Walnut and if anything mine would probably look black if I didn't take most of it off. Try that. Hugs, Marty

  13. The coffee bar is to die for. It should be a law that one is built into every kitchen!! :))
    xo bj

  14. What a beautiful kitchen, the colour is great and the coffee bar is fantastic. Thanks for sharing, lots of ideas there.

  15. Wow - gorgeous! The cornice over the sink is fabulous - and my handy hubby could have built that if we had known. We updated (on a budget)
    a few years ago, but could have easily added some of the goodies you showed. Well, like you said, you never know when you might be doing another kitchen! Linda

  16. That kitchen is perfect. just perfect!
    Love the coffee station as well. I am going to show this kitchen to my hub because we will be building a new kitchen soon and there are so many ideas here! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a pretty day!

  17. We have the same taste because I would just go to heaven in any of those kitchens. Yes, I love subway tiles and I remember seeing them in a model home in CA about 7 years ago and have loved them ever since.

    Steve and I are picking counters now that we have no college tuition payments!! Woo hoo! I think we are going to have to give up a spring vacation to Hawaiian but that's fine by me. I'm not looking so good in a bikini these days anyway :) I think our update will happen in the winter after the holidays. Thanks for the photos to have me drooling.......

  18. Hi Sonny,

    This robin's egg blue beauty of a kitchen is both serene and refreshing! I imagine almost ANYONE who lays their eyes on it would instantly want to tweak their own kitchen, even if they loved it prior to viewing this knockout! Thanks for 'bringing this to my attention'!:)


  19. Please tell me where I can find the lights over your counter, they would be perfect especially if I could find them in a shiny silver or stainless? Thank you, debi4usa

  20. I know this is not a new blog but can you tell me where I could find those great pendant light fittings please.

  21. Please let us know where we can get those pendant light fittings! Thanks!


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