Monday, August 22, 2011

A few New to me Treasures

 I found some treasures and what better place to show them off than at some of Bloglands Favorite Parties.
::party links are listed at the bottom of this post:: please go look at all the talented folks who have posted at these parties. You'll enjoy it bunches and will probably find some great information, tutorials and words of wisdom..
Now on with the show:)

 I love this book~ Feather Your Nest~ Mary Carol Garrity. I've already spent hours with it and plan to spend many more. It seems like I find something new every time I look through it.   I found this LARGE soup tureen with plate and spoon in excellent condition at goodwill for only $3.50..  can ya believe it.. I was thrilled. 
 The birdcage is also a GW find for $1.50. The prayer plant I had and put it in the birdcage.
trying to get a good shot of the plant in the cage was'nt as easy as I thought it would be...

  I'm one of those folks who always wants to know, if things were reversed, how would it look..
so lets see...looks pretty good this way too..
 here are the Party Links..
Rhoda ~ Southern Hospitality ~ Today's Thrifty Treasures 

Marty ~ A Stroll Thru Life ~ Tabletop Tuesday

Kim ~Savvy Southern Style ~ Wow Us Wednesday

  these folks would love a visit from you as would all the great folks who posted.
 dontcha know we are always happy to have guests stop by. Heck, thats why we blog.  Wouldnt be any fun just to read it ourselves  , giggle..

May All Your Wishes Come True..
see ya next time


  1. Sonny, your new tureen and birdcage are fabulous finds. I loe them both. I have that same book and you are right, it is fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. Great finds, Sonny! I love the birdcage and the tureen! Lucky you to get one with a plate underneath. My GW tureen, I was thankful it had the ceramic ladle intact! I LOVE that book, too! I actually splurged and bought three of her books last year. I always pull them out and look through them over and over again. Sometimes you get a different idea each time you look at it.

  3. It is a fab GW find. The vignette is splendid.

  4. Wow! Great deal on the tureen and the birdcage is wonderful too. Fantastic GW finds!

  5. That is amazing that you are showing that beautiful birdcage because guess what?...I just picked up one at a garage sale when we dropped our daughter off in Washington to go to camp with her new youth group. I paid $1 and it's just sitting in the garage, waiting for SOMEONE to decide what color to paint it. Well, I'm loving the white. See, how inspirational....after the wedding. I can't put one more project in my mind this week.:)

    Love the tureen. I've always wondered about owning one because we eat a lot of soups here in the winter.

  6. What fabulous finds I love them both! Martina

  7. Wow, did you get good deals or what!!! I love both pieces. I'd love to find the same items! Wonderful prices.


  8. Beautiful Tureen Sonny! Cute too next to the bird cage. Have a great night:)!~

  9. What great deals. I am loving the soup tureen.
    I just noticed your new header. You may have had it for a while and I just don't remember but it is gorgous.

  10. I don't know how y'all have such GW! Great finds!!

  11. I found a white tureen at GW this week but I think yours is much nicer than mine. Great things at a good price!

  12. I really love the tureen!
    I really enjoy stopping by blogs such as yours to see what great thrift shop and garage sale finds you've discovered.
    You're an inspiration!
    I'm so looking forward to hitting my local thrift store this weekend!

  13. Sonny,
    Exquisite vignette! Nell Hill's has some amazing books and being in her stores is a visual treasure trove experience! You can also shop her on~line store. I adore both looks, but left~to~right is easier on the eyes. Very inspirational on some thrifty Goodwill finds!

  14. I love your tureen. I have that same birdcage, but I didn't get as good a price as you did!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. Swooning! Love them both! There's nothing like great finds. Tootles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  16. Hi there, I have missed you, thanks for your visit. The finds of yours sure came at a great price, my gosh, they are great and look very nice together! :D

  17. Sonny, I sent you a loooooooooooooong email to your posted email address - stuff I couldn't put on my blog and I got an error message and it was deleted when the message came back to me. Weird huh? Have you been having email trouble or is it on my end?

  18. Great finds at great prices. How lucky of you!...Christine

  19. What great deals. I love soup tureens and what a great price! Such great finds, I just might have to go to my local good will store tomorrow.

  20. NICE! I love both of them and can't believe those prices! Great buys!


  21. Looks beautiful! Thanks for stopping by BPPackages and following!! :)

    evie @ brown paper packages

  22. I am so out of sync with your group. We eat soup out of the pan on the stove:)

  23. O, I have a love affair with tureens..especially big white ones.:))
    I love yours and the birdcage..

  24. What great finds! Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I appreciate it! :)

  25. Hi Sonny,

    Your blog is beautiful! So glad I dropped in, and glad you dropped by mine too.

    I love your new 'old' tureen. That was a great deal, especially finding it with the ladle...they seem to always be the missing part!


  26. You found some great things. I love the tureen and the fantastic price! Wow!

    I think I will have to put that book on my wish list; I'm sure I would really enjoy it, too.

  27. Sonny,
    Hey girlie, long time no hear or see! I haven't been visiting around as much as usual, just been busy. I came over because I am having a drawing
    and I wanted you to get it on it if you would like to participate, it ends Sept. 1st and I will announce the winner that evening on my Thankful Thursday post.
    Go all the way to the bottom of my latest post and it will have a link to take you to the
    post about the drawing.

    Hope all is well with you hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  28. Hi Sonny, thanks for the sweet comment you left about my 32nd anniversary.

    That tureen is a great find and I love how big it is wow!

    Always love the doggie pics... I had one that looked like Natashia. Such HAPPY dogs, always smiling. Pics are in my Puppy Love Pages.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Home to Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party
    (linky opens on Tueday evening)

  29. You definitely scored, Sonny. What great finds at the best prices!...Christine

  30. Hi Sonny....

    Loving your awesome buys! Lucky chickie...

    Have a great weekend.


  31. Hi Sonny! Love your finds! I love tureens and that's a very nice one. What a pretty birdcage too.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  32. I love you fines. I'm envyous of the tureen you found at this amazing price. Trish


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