Friday, May 18, 2012

Purple and Blue Sneak Peek

Hi Folks..

 I hope everyone is well and enjoying beautiful weather like we are having in NC..  I just want to stay outside all day and half the night and I would but, Duty Calls and I answer:)
 I made the before photo 29 days ago and even though I have watched this happen day by day, there nothing like looking at the 2 photos together..

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   My birdbath finally arrived today and I got it put together.. I LOVE it.. I've wanted one with a little bird on it and found this one on  39.00 and free shipping- happy dance goin on here lol..

I cant show the finished patio yet cause I cant make up my mind about a rug-- I havent recieved my wicker chair and ottoman cushions and I still have 2 Large pots I want to put trees and flowers in.. Yea, I know , I'm slow, go ahead and say it .. I really am and I know it..

Here's the before of this area..   Only a few purple blooms on the flowers and the hydrangea wasnt in the ground yet..  New mulch wasnt down either..  I had a lot to do, can ya tell..
and now, less than a month later..... I am so happy with it , I cant even tell ya.. I grab my coffee and out I go every morning to see if there's a new leaf  or bloom on anything.. These are the things that bring me JOY..
 no round the world trips, fancy smanchy parties-- been there- done that:)  Now and for several years its all about Home and Yard and Family and Friends and I can honestly say I have never been happier with Life.
 I feel so extremely blessed , I cant express it.
 Just looky at all those pretty blooms..  wooohoooooo  This was just one 3.99 plant and its grown 5 times its original size....  The thunder has been talking to all the plants and trees and saying " Grow little sweeties, Grow~!"
This is one section of the side adjacent to the back patio.   I hope to have more sections done in a couple weeks.
Oh Yea, I learned something so I am passing it on..   When I bought the hydrangea- it had some small blooms but they were a pale green- sorta no color really.  Then I was reading a murder mystery and it said if you added 10 penny nails around the roots- the hydrangea blooms would be blue and holy macarony - they are... 
 Thanks so much for coming to visit me.  You are appreciated and it makes me smile to read your comments..
Have a safe and wonderful weekend...
I'm wishing it for Ya..


  1. Your garden is really coming along, how lovely!!

    I can't wait for your "Big Reveal" it will be so awesome!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Beautiful! I the birdbath and all the flowers especially the purple ones :)
    I had never heard the nails around the hydrangeas ... I may have to try it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi Sonny! Your gardens are looking beautiful. Who knew that tip with the hydrangeas..glad it worked!

  4. Oh Sonny, such a beautiful area. It really has grown. Wow, everything is so beautiful. I would sit there all day too. Hugs, Marty

  5. You did a fantastic job! We must be kindred spirits. I don't care about world travel, shopping for clothes, or fancy cars. Let me walk out and find a new bloom or bit of green coming up, and I'm one happy camper!

  6. It looks great so far, Sonny! I'm sure a month from now it will be even farther along and full of blooms!

  7. It looks beautiful Sonny!

  8. Sonny your garden looks BEAUTIFUL!! Love the new birdbath! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Love the birdbath. Isn't it amazing to watch a garden grow. We have had rain all week and not only have my veggies literally exploded but the ivy in front of my house is going crazy. I literally see a difference everyday. I know this rain won't last and soon we'll be begging for it. :(

  10. The birdbath is TOO CUTE! I'd love to have an oasis in my back yard but so many dogs would scare my birds.

    I've reopened my blog and look forward to catching up with everyone.

  11. Your garden is so lovely and everything looks so healthy. Love the bird bath.


  12. Ah honey I am glad I came by here tonight to see your beautiful yard and darling birdbath. That was a bargain for that price.
    I am delighted that you are finding so much happiness in your life and that it brings you the JOY you so deserve. I too don't need anything but what your talking about. We are blessed aren't we friend
    Love ya

  13. It is looking good! I keep waiting for for you to run out of spaces for your artistic decor designs. I have been dreaming in Purple and Teal. Amazed at these colors in your post, plus Pat MacKenzie of Pat's Ramblings posted her favorites today and her favorite colors included teal.

  14. Love your outdoor area! Everything is really coming along great. It's so nice to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life isn't it? I am glad you are enjoying your yard! I've heard that before about the nails but never tried it. Nice to know it really works, sounds much easier then adding lime all the time. Have a great day!

  15. The garden is so the bird bath. And you just can't beat hydrangeas! I like the paint color you mentioned in your comment and can't wait to see the painted sofa! Linda

  16. Sonny, I have a birdbath with a birdy sitting on it. I got it years ago at Tuesday Mornings. It was copper...I should have put a protective coating oon it, but didn't. Your garden is looking very pretty. Smiles, Susie

  17. Everything looks fantastic. I love the mulch you added ...I need to do that.
    Your birdbath is precious, too.

    Yes, those flowers change color according to the elements in the ground...that's why, I am told, some are blue, some green, some white. The iron you added made the color change, I guess.

  18. Sonny,
    WoW...that is such a lush and beautiful plant!!! Your yard is lovely and I'm smitten with your birdbath!!!

  19. Hi Sonny! Your garden is so pretty and neat! It really shows that you love it!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  20. Oh Sonny, I can see why you want to spend all day and night out there! You have done a beautiful job! Aim eagerly looking forward to more pics of your progress!

  21. Sonny, your birdbath is perfect with all your beautiful plantings.
    Mary Alice

  22. What a lovely garden and view to spend time in! Gardening is therapy for me and I love sitting back and enjoying the fruits of my labor all season! Happy Gardening...looks wonderful!
    Miss Bloomers

  23. NO WAY! I can't believe it's true! 10 penny nails around the roots.. I'm doing it!

  24. Great tip on the hydrangea girl, I've used this method for years!

    Your place is lookin' mighty beautiful there. 'Just wait 'till everything really fills out!!! Woohoo!

    I'm quite smitten with that new birdbath of yours. That's quite the find!

    God bless ya and have an amazin' day Miss Sonny!!! :o)

  25. Beautiful garden, can't wait to see it as the summer progresses. Also love your header, it has my favorite colors.

  26. Sonny your garden is going is starting to look beautiful! Thanx for linking up to THT!

  27. your gardens are so pretty! We are working on putting in some new gardens in our home, and I can't wait to watch them grow and change.

  28. Your garden is gorgeous! It is so fun to watch everything bloom.

  29. Sonny, What a great price on that pretty bird bath. Your flowers look so pretty. I feel the same way. It's so much fun to go see if there is a new bloom on something each day. Can't wait to see your deck, and oh, I love those privacy planters in your previous post. laurie


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